Sustainable Development Goals and Universities: what role do Universities play in the implementation of SDGs?

Posted on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Jeffrey D. Sachs is a world-renowned professor of economics, leader in sustainable development, senior UN advisor, bestselling author, and syndicated columnist whose monthly newspaper columns appear in more than 100 countries. He is the co-recipient of the 2015 Blue Planet Prize, the leading global prize for environmental leadership. He has twice been named among Time magazine’s 100 most influential world leaders. He was called by the New York Times, “probably the most important economist in the world,” and by Time magazine “the world’s best known economist.” A recent survey by The Economist ranked Professor Sachs as among the world’s three most influential living economists of the past decade.



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Jacques Frémont


On April 4, 2018, The Institute of the Environment and the School International Development and Global Studies co-hosted the “Sustainable Development Goals and Universities:  what role do Universities play in the implementation of SDGs?” lecture and panel.




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Nathalie Chalifour
Associate Professor




The Lecture was presented by Dr. Jeffrey D. Sachs and introductions by President Jacques Frémont and Professor Geoffrey McCarney. Panellists included Gordon Betcherman, Professor Faculty of Social Science, School of International Development and Global Studies, Jessica Cadesky, PhD candidate, Faculty of Social Science, School of International Development and Global Studies, Jeffrey Sachs, University Professor and Director, Center for Sustainable Development, The Earth Institute, Columbia University, Nathalie Chalifour, Associate Professor, uOttawa Faculty of Law.






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Jessica Cadesky
PHD Candidate


Did you miss Dr. Sachs’ lecture? The recorderd lecture can be found on CPAC’s wesbite, on the show The Podium:

"World-renowned economist Jeffrey Sachs speaks at the University of Ottawa about reaching the sustainable development goals adopted by world leaders, the role universities could play in implementing the goals, and the importance of decarbonizing the global economy by 2050. The 17 sustainable development goals aim to end poverty, hunger and inequality, take action on climate change, and improve access to health, education and employment."



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Gordon Betcherman
Full Professor





Dr. Sachs' presentation has also been made available for download! 








"The University of Ottawa has the advantage of being the closest to Parliament. Politicians and government need you to make recommendations. You are the experts so don’t be shy about it! Cross the street and raise the voice for SDG’s. Canada’s context allows for it.” – Jeffrey Sachs



Authored by Catherine Legault, Assistant Director (Graduate Studies) at the Institute of the Environment.


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