Jean-Thomas Bernard


Jean-Thomas Bernard
Visiting Professor, Department of Economics

Office: 613-562-5800 ext.1374
Work E-mail: [email protected]

Jean-Thomas Bernard


Born in Quebec in 1946. Honours in Economics, University of Ottawa (1968). Ph.D. in Economics, University of Pennsylvania (1973). Professor of Economics at Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (1973-1976) and at Université Laval, Quebec City (1976 to the present). Visiting professor at the University of British Columbia (1980-1981). Research Fellow at Harvard University (1987-1988). Fullbright Foundation Fellow at Cornell University (1994-1995), Gilbert White Fellow at Resources for the Future (2001-2002), Chair professor of electricity economics at Université Laval from 1999 to 2008. Member of Royal Society of Canada since 2009. Personality of the year 2010 of alumni of College Sainte-Anne de la Pocatiere.


He currently researched topics that are related to energy economics: sector and individual energy demand, energy efficiency, energy price by sources, oil price forecast and energy policies.

Type of Student Support He Seeks

Looks for students with interest in data collection, econometrics estimation, simulations and reviewing literature. 

Research Question Example a Student He Supervises Could Work On

1. Many Canadian electric utilities rely on energy efficiency to establish the equilibrium between demand and supply in the coming years and they launch programs to this effect. Do such policies meet the criterion of cost/benefit analysis given the costs of generating new electricity in a particular province? The answers may vary by province.

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