Joshua Ramisch


Joshua Ramisch
Associate Professor, Department of International Development and Global Studies, Faculty of Social Sciences

Room: FSS8023
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 4421
Work E-mail: [email protected]

Joshua Ramisch


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His research and teaching interests address the ways in which marginalized and disenfranchised people experience and respond to social and environmental changes. He has over 20 years of experience working with smallholder farmers and rural communities primarily in sub-Saharan Africa, with a special focus on Kenya. 

Type of Student Support He Seeks

He generally looks for students with a strong, critically-oriented social scientific background, an interest (or previous experience) in the Global South more generally and  desire to apply rigorous analysis (qualitative, participatory, or quantitative) to challenge current thinking about “development” in the Global South.

Research Question Examples a Student He Supervises Could Work On

1. Impacts of and responses to neoliberal / market-based approaches to rural development in Africa (e.g. the growth of supermarkets; “fair” trade or other certification systems; “payment for ecosystem services”)

2. Local experiences of and responses to environmental change in the Global South (e.g. climate variability, forest or agrarian transitions, changing biodiversity)

3. The political ecology of natural resource management challenges (e.g. to go beyond conventional understandings of the “drivers” of land-use change or the standard narratives of “degradation”)

4. The “social lives” of material goods or commodities (e.g. of domesticated plants or animals; of information/communication technologies; of “value chains” for minerals or foods)

5. The discursive construction of “scarcity” or “insecurity” in international development policy as those terms relate to food, natural resources, or livelihoods “in crisis”.

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