Nic Rivers


Nic Rivers
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, Faculty of Social Sciences and Canada Research Chair in Climate and Energy Policy

Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 4676
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Nic Rivers


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He uses quantitative methods to answer research questions related to the effects and effectiveness of public policy aimed at conserving the environment. His thematic focus has mostly been on energy policies and on climate change mitigation policies. Empirical research methods that he has used include both simulation-based methods (computable general equilibrium and numerical partial equilibrium models; cash-flow type models; models of uncertainty) and econometric models (i.e., regression models).

Type of Student Support He Seeks

He enjoys working with students who have strong foundations in methodology, are comfortable in a lab setting and are interested in environmental sustainability.

Research Question Examples a Student He Supervises Could Work On

  1. What is the effect of incorporating wind and solar power on Ontario's electricity sector greenhouse gas emissions?
  2. What is the value of electricity storage in Ontario's electricity system?
  3. What is the cost and environmental implication of transmission constraints between provinces?
  4. What is the effect of rejecting approval for an oil pipeline on oil sands production and greenhouse gas emissions?
  5. What is the regional effect of an oil and gas boom in Canada?
  6. What is the effect of water metering on consumption?
  7. What is the effect of pricing garbage by the bag on waste output?
  8. What is the effect of Alberta's Specified Gas Emitters Regulation? Of Quebec's cap and trade system?
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