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As the world grapples with climate change and other growing environmental problems, the global economy is transforming. Before long, the strongest economies will be those that have been rebuilt to: run on clean energy, conserve resources, reduce waste, provide vibrant and healthy communities for people to live in, and preserve nature. We must therefore move beyond outdated ideas that present a false choice between a healthy environment or a strong economy, and instead generate new ideas, informed by innovative research, on how to strengthen our economy while improving environmental outcomes, and ensuring conservation. These ideas will lead to greener growth that benefits all parts of the economy – from resources to clean technology – and creates the next generation of good jobs.

Smart Prosperity Institute is a national think tank based at the University of Ottawa’s Institute of the Environment. Smart Prosperity supports students through the Smart Prosperity Research Fellowships (valued at $5,000 to $10,000), by hiring students as Research Assistants ($42.00 / hour), by running internship programs with our civil society and private sector partners, and by engaging students in events, workshops, and discussions between leading academics, practitioners, and policy-makers.

We are excited to work with students interested in contributing to world-class research to advance practical policy solutions to problems at the interface of the environment and economy. The Smart Prosperity Institute has a research network of more than 150 academics across Canada, as well as the US, UK, and Europe, and can connect students with leading researchers, as well as policy-makers, environmental NGOs, and private sector partners who are interested in policy and market solutions for a stronger, cleaner economy. Working with us is a great way for students to make a positive impact, work at the intersection of research and policy, and expand their network.

Geoff McCarney, Assistant Professor, Environment & Development
Director (Research), The Institute of the Environment & The Smart Prosperity Institute


The initiatives below are the focus of Smart Prosperity’s research, policy and stakeholder engagement projects. Students interested in the Smart Prosperity Research Fellowship should browse the initiatives below, write their statement of research for admission into the Master’s of Environmental Sustainability to align with these projects, and signal their interest in their letter of intent.


Smart Prosperity Initiatives:


Environmental Studies


Smart Prosperity Leaders’ Initiative: Leaders from business, think tanks, labour, Indigenous Peoples, youth, and NGOs harnessing #NewThinking for a stronger, cleaner economy.


Environmental Studies


Accelerating Clean Innovation in Canada: Defining the opportunity, evaluating Canada's performance, and investigating policies to ramp it up!


Environmental Studies


Canada’s Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy: Policy and market tools for decarbonizing the Canadian economy



Environmental Studies


Economic Tools for Cities & Communities: Empowering community stakeholders with fresh economic perspectives, approaches, and tools for protecting the environment


Environmental Studies


Valuing and Protecting Nature: Advancing the economic tools to protect nature and building the environment into economic measures of success



Master's of Environmental Sustainability - Sara Jane O'Neil

I am currently a Senior Research Associate with Smart Prosperity Institute and the lead researcher for the Cities & Communities program line. My M.Sc. in Environmental Sustainability definitely helped me get this position because prior to the program, I had much interest but limited experience and knowledge in the fields of economics and law. I found out about the program by volunteering with Smart Prosperity Institute (then Sustainable Prosperity) and through the SPI Fellowship I was able to find a more permanent spot within the organization. What I like most about my job now is the constant learning! Our role as a policy think-tank is to be on the leading edge of ideas and solutions that will help build a stronger, cleaner economy. That means I am constantly pushing my boundaries of knowledge to see what’s possible.

Sara Jane O'Neill, Master’s of Environmental Sustainability alumna
Senior Research Associate, Smart Prosperity Institute


Learn more on how to signal your interest in being considered for the Smart Prosperity Fellowship by visiting the Institute of the Environment’s Tuition and Funding page.


Authored by Kaitlyn Innes, Assistant Director (Graduate Studies) at the Institute of the Environment

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