Integrated Facility Management

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Facility management is the science of maintaining the built environment and making decisions that are viable long-term to the campus. Our sector oversees the campus footprint and infrastructure, supporting the university's mission and goals. We are here to offer a safe environment that promotes research and student experience. We are the primary contact for all facilities related questions.

Director: Marc St-Amour 

Services offered

  • Help in the organization spaces 
  • Responsible for space usage, cost per square meters and energy utilization 
  • Coordination of site construction and impacts to users 
  • Point of contact for all facilities related requests 


The campus is divided in zones in order to guide occupants and clarify management of zones.

Images of campus divided into zones

List of Contacts

Zones 1 and 3:

Zone 2:

Zone 4:

Zone 5:

Zones 6 and 7:

Zone 8:

Zone 9:

Zone 10:

Faculty spaces in other zones are looked after by faculty members with facility management roles.

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