Sustainability: Emissions

solar panels on the roof of the ARC complex

We are committed to protecting the air we breathe and reducing our emissions to help mitigate the impacts of climate change.


uOttawa’s emissions, predominantly a byproduct of using natural gas to heat the campus, are are measured in CO2 equivalents. Our emissions reduction target, seen below, refers to “scope 1 emissions”: these are what the University is directly responsible for producing, such as heating, running our maintenance vehicles, and powering uOttawa’s generators. We are constantly looking for innovative new solutions to reduce our consumption in these areas and elsewhere.


Reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions (scope 1 emissions) by 34% from 2005 levels by the year 2020.

This means emitting no more than 13,000 tonnes of GHG emissions in 2020.

Our Programs

Solar Panels
Photovoltaic solar panels are being deployed on campus as a renewable source of energy. We are continuously looking for opportunities to diversify our energy sources to incorporate renewable energy.

Green Power
Custom power alternative are available on campus such as Bullfrog Power which uses energy from renewable and low impact sources. The Institute of the Environment uses Bull Frog Power for its offices.

Hybrid Vehicles
In order to reduce emissions, Protection Services has converted their entire fleet to hybrid vehicles.

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