Graduate student using a computer

Graduate scholarships for full-time students

Masters (course based, MRP, thesis)*

Masters (course based, MRP, thesis)*

Admission average



Total Funding for 3 terms

$7,500 special merit scholarships **

$18,000 ($7,500 special merit scholarships + $10,500 Assistantships or other)


Admission average


Total Funding for 4 years

$78,500 ($36,000 scholarships + $42,500 TAs)

* Available to Canadian or Permanent Resident students at the MASTERS level, available to Canadian students, permanent residents, protected persons or members of a diplomatic corps and international students at the PHD level. The Master of Communication, the Master of Information Studies (course option) and the Master in Conference Interpreting are excluded

**Additional TAs/RAs may be available at the departmental level.