Diverse group of students studying

Concentrations and research themes

Our program offered various concentration and research options.

Research subject

Analyse a subject with an in-depth research work based on an appropriate and rigorous research approach. This program option will allow you to discover the world of research by designing and conducting your own research project and presenting your findings in a coherent research report or publishable article. These are some examples of research subjects:

  • Cultural and individual differences in teaching and learning
  • Bullying and victimization
  • Leadership in educational institutions and in other organizational, professional and community settings
  • International development and global education

Offered concentrations

The concentration is a part of the curriculum that allows you to deepen and broaden your knowledge in a field of study of your choice. However, you may also choose to pursue a general path. Here are the concentrations that the Faculty of Education offers.

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Special students

This student status allows you to take a maximum of two courses in graduate studies.
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