Our Honours Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHK) programs provide a comprehensive education that blends theoretical knowledge with practical application in the fields of physical activity, sport and health care. Students engage in experiential learning opportunities, including internships, laboratory work and research projects, to prepare for careers in health promotion, education and sport management. These programs foster a deep understanding of the social, psychological and biophysical aspects of human kinetics.

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Bachelor of Human Kinetics (BHK)

  • Social sciences focus: This program offers a comprehensive view of physical activity, leisure, sport and health through social science disciplines, preparing you for positions in program development, policy implementation and lifestyle promotion.
  • Career opportunities: You’ll be prepared for a career in community recreation, sport and leisure management, coaching, teaching, sport psychology or consultancy, with the flexibility to adapt to various settings and populations.
  • Experiential learning opportunities: You can engage in internships and research projects in community settings or under professors’ supervision, applying your knowledge in hands-on environments and gaining professional experience.
  • Foundational and applied knowledge: The curriculum provides a balanced education in sociocultural studies, psychology, pedagogy, management, leisure studies and biophysical sciences, ensuring you have a well-rounded understanding of human kinetics and its applications.
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Honours Bachelor of Human Kinetics - Recreation and Sport Management

  • Management and governance training focus: Gain practical and theoretical knowledge in the governance and management of sport, leisure and physical activity organizations, including marketing, policy-making and event management.
  • Career opportunities: You’ll be prepared for positions in amateur and professional sport organizations, event organizations, government departments and the business sector, with local, national and international opportunities.
  • Interdisciplinary approach: The curriculum incorporates social sciences, management and sociocultural studies, providing you with a broad perspective on the sport and leisure industry and its impact on society.
  • Skill set for industry leadership: With a focus on management skills, critical inquiry and interpersonal competencies, you’ll be well positioned to take on leadership roles in sport and leisure organizations and contribute to policy- and decision-making processes.
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Honours Bachelor of Human Kinetics - Education and Coaching

  • Applied learning focus: Apply theoretical knowledge to real-world settings in physical activity, education and coaching, to enrich people’s lives through improved health, well-being and performance.
  • Career opportunities: You can pursue careers in fields including community recreation services, sport coaching, physical and health education, mental performance consultancy and health promotion, with skills adaptable to the public, private and non-profit sectors.
  • Comprehensive skills development: You receive training in social sciences with a focus on motivational and consulting skills, enabling you to work in diverse settings and with various populations, including under-represented groups.
  • Emphasis on program development and evaluation: The program trains you to develop, implement and critically evaluate physical activity, education and coaching programs, considering individual, social and environmental factors to facilitate positive change.
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Dual fast-track programs (available only in French)

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