Students will acquire knowledge and have opportunities to apply what they learn to interventions in physical activity, education and coaching that enrich peoples’ lives. They will gain theoretical and practical training in why and how to encourage people to become more active and how to better peoples’ experiences in various contexts of physical activity, education and coaching. Students will critically examine how various intervening roles, especially in teaching and coaching, lead to improved health, well-being, development, learning, and performance in individuals and society, and will learn to develop, implement and evaluate programs.

Why choose this program

The School of Human Kinetics has a world renowned experts in coaching, mental health and sport pedagogy. 

We are the largest group of professors of sport and physical activity in psychology and pedagogy in North America; most of our professors have been and are funded by SSHRC.

Our consultants work with Olympians and other high performance athletes.
We have a state-of-the-art training and research facility, the "Training Centre for Intervention and Consultation in Sport, Physical Activity and Health".

young woman coaching girls on soccer field

Are you passionate about physical activity, education and coaching ?

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