pandemic and education

The Pandemic and Education: Consequences and Challenges

The health crisis linked to the spread of Covid-19 will have acted as a powerful indicator of the inequalities between children and their families. The inequalities between children, young people and between families in the face of the pandemic are glaring and require attention. Questions that will be answered by experts from the worlds of education, research and human rights protection will be exchanged with the audience.


  • Sylvie TREMBLAY | Director of Education and Secretary-Treasurer, Council of Public Schools of Eastern Ontario
  • Sylvie PETROSKI | Director of Education, Conseil scolaire catholique de District des Grandes Rivières in Ontario
  • Mélanie LANDRY | High School Teacher and Additional Position of Responsibility (APR), District scolaire francophone Sud in New Brunswick
  • Julie CARON | Chief Digital Learning Officer & Ottawa Office Manager, TFO Media Group
Date and time

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

11:30 – 13:00





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