The MPH Degree is designed as an exit qualification for public health professional training, and qualifies graduates to seek positions across municipal, provincial and federal public health settings within Canada as well as in governmental, and non-governmental organizations internationally.

Situated in the Nation’s Capital, our MPH program offers proximity to multiple public health policy and provider agencies which confers access to teaching expertise (adjunct faculty) and a diversity of practicum placements in governmental and non-governmental organizations headquartered in Ottawa.

The MPH is not designed to offer research training or to provide access to doctoral studies, for which the MSc Epidemiology is the appropriate course of study.

  • Our MPH is a full-time 16-month course-based program with experiential learning (i.e. practicum) and a culminating experience (i.e. capstone project).
  • Our MPH emphasizes public health policy training. We are partnered with the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) and all students are provided with training in public health policy. Students can also choose the Public Health Policy stream and receive further training in this area.
  • Our MPH + program (which is completed full-time over a 20-month period) allows students to learn a second (or third) language while conducting their MPH studies. We have a collaboration with the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute and the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, which allows students to learn and improve a language that could benefit their public health careers. Students can choose to study French, English, Arabic, Spanish or another language while they pursue their public health training.