Mandatory seminar course requirements for students in CMM and NSC Masters and PhD programs.
  • It is a continuous activity all CMM and NSC graduate students enrolled in a thesis-based program must attend as it is part of the graduate program requirements.
  • Compulsory for one year for all CMM and NCS students.
  • You must enroll to the seminar course for the first fall and winter term consecutively.
  • Presentation of one seminar and one poster required during the year as well as regular attendance at the departmental seminar series.
  • You must attend 20 (twenty) seminars during the fall and winter terms to meet the requirement. 

    10 minutes for presentation

    5 minutes for questions

    5 minutes for submission of evaluation

  • You must track your attendance to seminars using the Student Seminar Report form (PDF) and submit it by email to the Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Office at [email protected] before April 30.
  • CMM and NSC Seminar Series Calendar.
  • As part of the requirements of the Seminar Series, you must present during CMM/NSC Seminar and Poster Days.
  • Prizes for the best presentations are awarded to students.