On the following page, you will find the proposed course sequence for the Master of Science (MSc) in Epidemiology with Thesis.
  • 2-year program (average duration)

    • This program includes MED 81661, MED 81662 EPI 5240, EPI 6178, EPI 5242 or MAT 5375, 6 optional course units, 6 elective course units, the seminar course EPI 5366 and the research activity THM 7999.

    • For the complete program requirements and course descriptions.

  • The following course sequences show you which courses you should take for your particular program and in which term you should take them. They help you plan your course schedule.

    • Course sequences are only guidelines.

    • Some graduate courses are offered every year, others in alternating years and others less often.

  • Visit My Academic Requirements in uoZone to make sure you enroll in all courses or activities you need to obtain your degree.

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Year 1 Course Sequence and Milestones

First Term


  • EPI 5240 Epidemiology I- Introductory Epidemiology
  • EPI 5242 Biostatistics I or MAT 5375 Mathematical Statistics
  • EPI 5366 Seminar (1st half)
  • EPI 6178 Intervention Studies in Health Research
  • MED 81661 Professionalism and Professional Skills


  • You must take MED 8166 during your first term. You cannot defer this course to a subsequent term.

Second Term


  • Optional course units from the list of approved courses
  • Elective course units in Epidemiology at the graduate level
  • EPI 5366 Seminar (2nd half)
  • MED 81662 Professionalism and Professional Skills


  • Attend the EPI Annual Research Day

Third Term


  • (If required) Optional course units from the list of approved courses
  • (If required) Elective course units in Epidemiology at the graduate level
  • THM 7999 Thesis


  • Create and meet with your Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) before June 15.
    It is essential that you schedule your TAC meeting well in advance.
  • Fill out the Nomination TAC Members form.
  • Complete the Thesis Advisory Committee report.
  • Submit the Thesis Advisory Committee report and the Annual Research Progress report before June 15 through the Service Request application in your uoZone account.
  • Submit your Thesis Proposal, Abstract, and Statement of thesis supervisor form.
    Submit the statement of thesis supervisor form through the service request application.
  • If you wish to transfer from the MSc to the PhD program (fast track), you must apply to transfer during the third or fourth term (the third term is ideal).
    Before transferring to the Doctorate program, you must have completed your program requirements, including the thesis proposal, with the exception of the thesis activity.


  • List of approved epidemiology (EPI) courses

  • List of elective courses in epidemiology at the graduate level

  • Students completing a thesis in global health are encouraged to take two of the following global health courses as electives: EPI 5180, EPI 5144, EPI 5145.

  • In some cases, we may cancel classes with low enrolment or convert them into Directed Studies.

  • Some graduate courses are offered every year, others in alternating years, and others less often.

  • MED 8166 part 1 and 2 is compulsory for all students enrolled in a master’s program and attendance is mandatory for all workshops. 

THM 7999 (Continuous activities)

  • Once you have enrolled for the first time in a continuing activity such as the thesis, you must maintain your enrolment until the activity is completed.

  • After your first (manual) enrolment to the thesis, all subsequent enrolments are automatic, unless you have a hold on your account, which will require that you manually enroll once you have arranged to have your hold lifted.

EPI 5366 Seminar Series

  • Enrolment to EPI 5366 is not automatic.
    You must enroll in this continuous activity in your uoZone account before the deadline.

  • As part of the requirements of the Seminar Series, you must attend the EPI Annual Research Day.

Year 2 Course Sequence and Milestones

Fourth Term


  • (If required) Complete Optional or Elective courses that are still outstanding

  • THM 7999 Thesis

Fifth Term


  • THM 7999 Thesis

Sixth Term


  • THM 7999 Thesis


  • Meet with your Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC): Meetings can be more frequent but must be held at least once a year after the initial TAC meeting, which must be held during the third term (before June 15).
  • Submit the two following forms through the Service Request application in your uoZone account:
    • Report of the TAC
    • Annual Research Progress Report