The Assessment, Evaluation and Curriculum (AEC) Office was established in 2020 to centralize the functions and support the management of the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) student assessments, faculty evaluations, and the MD Program curriculum.

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The office also manages Program Evaluation, UGME’s professional accreditation as well as uOttawa’s Institutional Quality Assurance for the MD Program. The centralized nature of these various components allowed for a natural fit for UGME’s Translation Team as well.

The AEC Office is responsible of the Assessment and Evaluation of students, faculty as well as programs.  This allows the AEC Office to first ensure that student assessment methods in the Undergraduate Medical Education (UGME) curriculum are designed, managed, evaluated and revised in a coordinated fashion; and, second to ensure faculty evaluation methods (teachers, preceptors, tutors, lecturers) are designed, managed, evaluated and revised in a coordinated fashion. These tasks should be consistent with accreditation and current educational standards.

For more information concerning student assessment and faculty evaluation, please contact the Exam Coordinator.

Faculty Evaluations

The students are asked to evaluate the faculty and their courses in a mature, constructive and respectful manner. Evaluations consist of rating scales and comments.  This information is used to improve courses and reward good teachers.

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Students Assessments

Students are assessed on a regular basis on their knowledge, skills and behaviors.  This is done in various ways in high stakes and low stakes assessment methods. Assessment methods include quizzes, multiple choice questions, clinical decision-making questions, essays, objective structured clinical examinations, entrustable professional activities, direct observations, etc…

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Exam Questions – Intake Form

This form was created to streamline the creation and submission of questions for UGME examinations. The form is structured in such a way to ensure that all required question details and metadata are included up-front. 

Please note that as the question is processed, someone may be in touch with you if any clarifications are required. 

We thank you for taking the time to contribute to our examination question bank!