Petty Cash Replenishment

This page is used by petty cash custodians to download the form that has to be filled out and presented to Financial Services when they wish to replenish their petty cash. The page also includes a set of instructions describing how to complete this form.

Petty Cash Replenishment (Excel format, 2008-05-06)


Instructions on How To Complete the Petty Cash Replenishment Form


Section A

  • Specify the name of the Faculty/Department/Service.
  • Specify the name of the custodian and his/her phone number.


Section B

  • Indicate the cash replenishment distribution required. The detailed amounts to be received should equal the total amount of the disbursements.


Section C

  • Enter the Banner Journal ID.
  • Enter the total amount for that petty cash invoice number in the AMOUNT field. If you have more than one Petty Cash, indicate the invoice number and the amount for each one. The total amount is calculated automatically in the TOTAL field.
  • The TOTAL DISBURSEMENTS is also calculated automatically. This amount is the same as the monies requested and the total amount of the entire petty cash.<
  • Enter the amount remaining in your Petty Cash in the CASH ON HAND field.
  • The PETTY CASH TOTAL equals the amount to be reimbursed plus the cash on hand; this amount should also be equal to the total petty cash recorded in the General Ledger for that accounting key.


Section D

  • Date and sign the request form once the money is received from the cashier at Financial Services. This form remains at Financial Services.
  • N.B. The custodian must place their initials on the form should any modifications or corrections be made after the cash is received.


Section E

  • The custodian may add any comments or instructions that they may consider useful.


Financial Services is responsible for the maintenance of this form.

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