Here are the forms and tools you need to get information on what interests you at the University of Ottawa, register for a campus tour, apply for admission or financial aid, update your student record, order a transcript or a copy of your diploma, and much more.

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Form to select a “Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory” final grade

The deadline to submit an online form to receive a “Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory” grade was May 14. Eligible students who did not submit the form will receive a letter grade.

Grades will become official on Monday, May 25, 2020.

For more information, go to the University COVID-19 website. If you have any questions, contact InfoService (

Undergraduate admissions

Be in the know

If you’d like us to send you information, updates and notices about admission, deadlines, scholarships and bursaries, and special events that fit your profile, complete the future students registration form.

Campus tours

Visit the campus tours website to see the schedule and to register.

Admissions forms and tools

See the list of admission forms and tools. Use the right form to apply and track your application.

Undergraduate course enrolment

You can complete most transactions related to your course enrolment though the Enrol application in uoZone, the student portal.

Enrolment forms and tools

See the list of enrolment forms and tools that will help you plan your schedule and enrol in your courses.

Understanding your undergraduate program

Having a good understanding of degree structures and possibilities in your program is an important element when completing university studies. Knowing this information will help you make decisions related to changing programs, adding or changing a minor, program requirements for graduating, tailoring your program along the way and, of course, choices that best suit your interests and academic goals. Compare the various academic paths available at our direct-entry faculties.

Making changes to your undergraduate program

To make changes to your program, add a major or minor, or change faculties, follow the steps to make changes to your undergraduate program.

Making your request online

Follow the steps to make changes to your program and access the Program Change Request application through uoZone the student portal.

Making your request in person

If you are unable to make your request online, complete the Program Change Request (PDF) form and submit it to InfoService.

Academic Reset

An academic reset, as described in Policy I-5.7, gives students the opportunity to exclude marks from 9 to 30 units (3 to 10 courses), among the first 30 units they have completed at uOttawa, from the calculation of their grade point average. To apply for an academic reset, you must fill out the application form.

Financial aid and awards

The Financial Aid and Awards Service (FAAS) is your gateway to an array of important services related to your loans, scholarships and bursaries.

Financial aid and awards forms and tools

For any processes related to financial aid, scholarships and bursaries, see the list of FAAS forms and tools.

Requesting academic documents

To obtain a transcript, a copy of your diploma or proof that you are or were a University of Ottawa student , see Requesting academic documents for full instructions by document type.

Obtain your degree

Registration for degree and request for diploma

If you expect to fulfill all the requirements of your program, you must let us know by completing the registration form available through the Obtain your degree website. The site also has all the information you need to participate in Convocation. Please note that the registration form is only available at certain times of the year. For more information, consult academic regulation 12.

Student record

The personal information you submit when you apply becomes part of your University of Ottawa student record. Sometimes you have to make changes or allow a third party access to it. Here are the forms to do this. You can complete most transactions related to your record online through uoZone, the student portal. Try to complete your transactions online first. If you can’t do so, here are the forms you need for the main transactions related to academic procedures.

Request for name change

If you’ve legally changed your name (marriage, divorce or other reasons), complete the Request for Name Change form (PDF).

Release of academic and personal information

Your academic and personal information is confidential. If you want someone else to have access to it or to act on your behalf, you must complete the Third-Party Authorization Form to Release Student Information (PDF), and submit it to your faculty or school’s academic secretariat or to InfoService.

Updating contact information

If you want to make changes to your contact information (address, phone number, emergency contacts), log into uoZone and use the Emergency Contacts application.

Declaration of registration to an honours program

In accordance with the Ontario Ministry of Education and Training directives, if you have obtained a minimum of 24 credits and are registered in an honours program, you must complete and sign the Declaration of Registration to an Honours Program form (PDF) and return it to your faculty, department or school.

Information on your grades

We publish information on your grades (exam grades, final grades, and transcript) in different ways. Your final grades are always posted in the My Grades application in uoZone. However, it’s up to your professor to let you know your grades for exams, assignments or other course requirements, while respecting practices on posting student grades. Make sure you know about these practices, which we’ve established and expect professors to follow, to respect the confidentiality of your personal information.


On-campus supplemental exams

If you’re eligible to write an undergraduate supplemental exam, you no longer need to register for this exam; however, you are responsible for checking the exam schedule and showing up at the right time and place. The exam schedule is available on the website of the faculty offering the course a month or so before the exam. Administrative fees apply.

Off-campus supplemental and deferred exams

It is possible to write supplemental or deferred exams off campus; however, this option is only available in the summer and the exam must be written at an institution within Canada.

If you wish to write an exam for a Faculty of Science or a Faculty of Engineering course off campus, fill out the form below. 

If you wish to write an exam for a course which is NOT offered by the faculties of Science or Engineering, please contact your faculty or school.

Administrative fees apply for supplemental exams only.

Registration for off-campus examinations – only available in the summer

Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
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