An unforgettable experience

Studying, teaching and working on campus is an unforgettable, life-changing experience that encourages everyone to dream and to transform those dreams into reality. On our campus, there are no limits to what you can become.

Whether you are a student, academic, or staff member, our university is bursting with possibilities, each more inspiring than the next. We offer a wide variety of academic programs in French and English, including courses taught by renowned professors that will certainly hone your skills and broaden your perspective. We also offer a wide range of scholarships and bursaries to help you throughout your time at university, including financial assistance to study in French.

Research plays a vital role at our institution. Whether they conduct their work in English or French, our researchers enjoy an enviable reputation for innovation and expertise, which they are always ready to share and improve upon.  Conducting research is an excellent way to become a leader in your field, as is taking part in our career training and professional development programs.

We provide

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