At the crossroads of languages and ideas

Our campus lives, learns and plays in Canada’s two official languages. At the crossroads of languages and ideas, our university welcomes various Francophone and bilingual communities with open arms and nurtures their prosperity and wellbeing.

As a pillar of our community, we provide a gathering place to celebrate our achievements and milestones. We host several external outreach events for the French language and Francophone culture, as well as bilingualism. We organize many activities and initiatives designed to expand Francophonie and highlight our unique cultural environment. We also provide support to several organizations and associations that share our values and mission of preserving Franco-Ontarian culture for future generations.

Our services and facilities reflect the bilingual nature of our institution and are designed to encourage dialogue and celebration among all members of our community. The inauguration of a Monument à la francophonie is one of many visible signs of our commitment to the Francophonie, such as our increased participation in cross-Canada and international training and promotional activities. Our community is always open to dialogue; it is enhanced by its linguistic diversity and enriched by several partnerships and collaborative efforts.

Our community

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