Partnerships and Collaborations

A solid network

The University of Ottawa actively seeks to collaborate with other Ontario and Canadian universities and colleges. We are committed to establishing and maintaining solid networks with various partners to provide the highest quality programs and services.

We welcome members from various communities and we play an active role in various Francophone and bilingual settings, thanks to enduring relationships with elementary and high schools, reciprocal relations with specific organizations, and our alumni outreach efforts. Each year, the University of Ottawa plans recruitment activities that target all our potential clients. In an increasingly competitive market, the University of Ottawa has also launched a number of initiatives specifically designed to attract Francophones and Francophiles and to ensure their success while providing them with a top-quality student experience.

As a member of several different national and provincial consortiums and associations, the University of Ottawa has partnered with other Ontarian and Canadian universities and colleges to promote and ensure the continuity of our programs and services in French, both in Ontario and elsewhere in Canada. We contribute greatly to the province’s concerted efforts to improve access to postsecondary education in French by delivering distance university courses and establishing partnerships with other bilingual postsecondary institutions.

Our strong relationships with hospitals, federal, provincial and municipal governments, private businesses, Crown corporations, non-governmental agencies as well as high-tech companies allows us to offer our students practical training in remarkable working environments. Besides helping acquire new knowledge and encouraging customized learning, these environments value the development and fulfillment of abilities that will accompany our students through their career.

We listen to members of our university community, and regularly consult with regional agencies on the major issues affecting Francophonie and bilingualism, resulting in enriching and productive discussions. We also surrounds ourselves with valiant donators, friends and alumni that value the success of our university and take part in improving our student experience and ensure their success.

The networks we have established help make our campus a setting in which everyone is welcome to study, teach, work and live in French or English.

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