Policies and Regulations

A strong commitment

The University of Ottawa has always been firmly committed to promoting and protecting the interests of both Francophones and Anglophones. The University’s governance structures and administrative processes embody our positive attitude to Francophonie and bilingualism, and this is reflected in our policies and regulations.

The enabling legislation of the University of Ottawa bestow upon the institution the mandate to foster the development of bilingualism and biculturalism as well as to preserve and develop French culture in Ontario. Therefore, all our services are provided in both French and English, and all our official communications are conducted in both official languages or are provided in the recipient’s language of choice. All governance is conducted in the language of choice, meaning that all deliberations and meetings are held in both official languages according to the preference of each individual. All administrative documents reflect such preferences and meet all bilingualism standards.

Our approach

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee on Francophone Affairs and Official Languages is charged with overseeing the planning and implementation of initiatives that help the University fully meet its mission and commitment to promoting and enhancing Francophone culture in Ontario.

The Committee is also charged with fostering the enhancement of the University community in both official languages.

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