Class of 2019: Meet 15 grads who are kicking off careers and quenching their thirst for knowledge

Posted on Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Une diplômée fait dos à la camera. Elle a une toge de la collation des grades sur l'épaule. Le Parlement du Canada et le canal Rideau apparaissent en arrière-plan.

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More than 7000 graduates walked across the stage at Spring Convocation 2019. Some of them will be carving out their place in the workplace while others are continuing their pursuit of knowledge.

15 new alumni share their post-graduation plans.


Audrey-Anne Delage


"Next up for me is law school at the University of Toronto! I’ve always wanted to be a lawyer, but never imagined I’d be attending U of T. Having grown up in Québec, it was never really on my radar, but uOttawa opened my eyes to a number of opportunities. I went from planning a career in corporate law in my birth province to dreaming of a human rights or criminal law career on the world stage. Right now, I’m just excited to see what the upcoming years bring and thankful that the past four challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone."

Audrey-Anne Delage, BCom, International Management



Alida Burke


"Studying here allowed me to open my horizons as to the possibilities of my future career that I never thought about previously. I’m excited to be working for my startup, The Growcer, which allows individuals to grow food locally in any climate.  During my time at uOttawa, I’ve been able to travel around the world, meet and support Canadians coast to coast and work to scale a social enterprise. I can’t wait to dive into my work full-time!"

Alida Burke, Honours BCom, Specialization in Accounting



Randy Schmucker dbout devant l'art indigène


"I’ve been a part of amazing opportunities: learning about solidarity (lots of protests), social justice and community care (lots of potlucks). From being a student ambassador, I really got to connect with amazing Indigenous youth to get them interested and excited about building their future! This summer, I’ll be working with the Education Sector at the Assembly of First Nations to advocate for positive change."

Randy Schmucker, Honours BA, Aboriginal Studies with a Minor in Women, Feminist and Gender Studies



Deanna Nickels


"Going to teachers college here! I’ve always wanted to be a teacher, and when I did my undergrad here, I figured I should do my B.Ed. in such a strong French environment as well! I’m Anglophone but I did an honours BA with specialization in Lettres françaises, which I didn’t know before I applied is typically for Francophones, but I thrived and finished strong (straight A’s for all of fourth year except for one B+), so instead of going to a less bilingual city, I figured I’d stay here! And I didn’t think I’d get in, but here we are!"

Deanna Nickels @deannanickels, Honours BA, Lettres françaises



Mishu Callan


"Travelling to Europe then starting my career in Japan! I’ll be working in English curriculum development :)"

Mishu Callan @mishcallan, Honours BA, Communication



Aditee Kissoon


"Grad school in Glasgow woo! Took Communications at uOttawa and will be doing my MA in Media and Communications Studies at the University of Strathclyde! I chose the top communications school in the UK to start my career in fashion and media."

Aditee Kissoon @aditee.k, Honours BA, in Communication



Chleo Lessard wearing a nurse's uniform


"Graduating with a Bachelor’s in Nursing going to Boreal College in September to become an ultrasound technician! I’ve wanted to be a nurse since I was a kid and I made my dream come true! I love making a difference in other people’s lives even when they were at their worst! As for ultrasound, I want to explore other health professions and to keep giving back!"

Chleo Lessard @chleo315, BSc, Nursing



Abigail Roche


"I’ve landed a full-time position as an editor for the government and I’m continuing with my masters in Spanish at uOttawa this fall.  I may die a little doing both, but oh well!"

Abigail Roche @abigailroche, BA, Major in French as a Second Language and a Major in Spanish



Samantha Rouble


"Law school! I’m headed to the University of Windsor to pursue my dream of studying law. I’m hoping to work in the field of disability or Indigenous law."

Samantha Rouble @samroubs, BSocSc, Major in Criminology and Minor in Spanish



Sarah Roy-Molgat


"I am graduating with two degrees: one in mathematics and economics, and a second comprised of a major in statistics with a minor in physics. It has been five years of hard work, blooming friendships and unforgettable experiences. Thanks to the University of Ottawa’s Summer Undergraduate International Research Internships program, I also took part in a summer research internship in Lyon, France. I will pursue a Master of Actuarial Science at the University of Waterloo. I intend to become a certified actuary in the UK, the US and Canada. I want my profession to take me across the globe! Moreover, I am in the process of acquiring the Associate Statistician designation from the Statistical Society of Canada. If my time at uOttawa has taught me anything, it’s that there is always a way to combine passion with rewarding and meaningful work."

Sarah Roy-Molgat, Joint Honours BSc, Mathematics and Economics, and Honours BSc, Statistics with a Minor in Physics



Evan Nanni


"Starting my masters in Winnipeg! I studied biomedical sciences, and I’ll be going into Physician Assistant Studies at the University of Manitoba. I chose it because it’s the only masters in the country with that program! I chose biomed because I’ve always had a passion for science and I think the program really sets you up well for future graduate programs (medicine, dentistry, vet etc.) and I chose PA because I love medicine but didn’t want 8+ years of school for an MD! PAs are relatively new in Canada but are a needed change in the healthcare system in Canada: they are cost effective, reduce wait times, and work in remote areas!"

Evan Nanni @enannni, Honours BSc, Biomedical Science



Yi-Ju Cheng


"I’ll be earning a masters in education, option secondaire at the University of Montreal! I took French studies and minored in translation here. I’ve wanted to be a French teacher since I was a little girl because my mom is a teacher too."

Yi-Ju Cheng @yiju_sarah_riviere, Honours BA, French Studies with a Minor in Translation



Shokoofeh Manesh


"During my time at Telfer, I had the opportunity to travel back and forth from Ottawa to Toronto as the uOttawa Ambassador for CPA Ontario, to attend accounting firm conferences and to compete in external university case competitions. I fell in love with the city because of these experiences and moved to Toronto right after I graduated to begin full-time as a Consultant in Risk Advisory at Deloitte. I’ve had the opportunity to take a peek into leadership at Deloitte by becoming a member of the project management team for our National Risk Advisory 2020 Assurance Plan. I’m also currently completing a Graduate Diploma in Professional Accounting at the University of Toronto to obtain my CPA designation. Beyond that, the world is my oyster! I am hoping to take a couple months off after my CPA to travel to Japan and the rural areas of Iran, where my mother is originally from."

Shokoofeh Manesh, BCom, Specialization in Accounting



Eve Loignon-Giroux


Faculty of Law in September, once again at uOttawa! I’m studying law to help those who experience discrimination.

Eve Loignon-Giroux @evelgiroux, BSocSc, Minor in Women's Studies and a Minor in History



Sophie Levac portant une casquette et une robe de graduation


"Starting teaching and a master’s degree! One day, I’d like to be a principal and I wanted a degree rather than working towards additional qualifications. Master’s in education (educational policies and programs, evaluation and leadership) is up next!"

Sophie Levac @thesophielevac, BEd and BA, Minor in History and a Minor in Lettres françaises (2017)


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