The Congress on the Humanities and Social Sciences – by the numbers

Posted on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Kristelle Brovkovich, Rafaëlle Devine et Élise Detellier, membres du comité organisateur du Congrès 2015

Kristelle Brovkovich, Rafaëlle Devine and Élise Detellier, members of the 2015 Congress on the Humanities and Social Sciences organizing committee.

This year, the University of Ottawa will host the Congress on the Humanities and Social Sciences, a major event at which some 70 different research organizations hold their annual conferences.

This will be the 84th such congress, considered to be the largest multidisciplinary gathering in Canada. It will see university officials, researchers, policy-makers and professionals exchange ideas and share the fruits of their research.

The Gazette has compiled some statistics to illustrate the scale of the largest gathering of university researchers in the country:

  • Over 8,000 participants are expected on campus.
  • Nearly 300 volunteers will be on location.
  • Each day, 250 meeting rooms to will be reserved to hold lectures.
  • Some 69 social science or humanities associations will participate in the event.
  • Over 5,400 research papers will be presented.
  • More than 60 stands will be set up.
  • The program covers seven days of multidisciplinary lectures and networking events.
  • Professors and students from six of uOttawa’s ten faculties will be participating in the Congress.
  • It has taken over 500 hours to schedule the 2,400 events in 250 meeting rooms.
  • Over 8,000 appetizers have been ordered for each of the President’s three receptions: that works out to over 24,000 bites to eat!
  • Those in charge spent 360 hours making arrangements for the catering and audio-visual requirements.
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