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Posted on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A women reads her book while sitting under a tree.

Whether it’s the Tabaret lawn when the weather permits or the Morisset Library, uOttawa has an abundance of places to study.

With exams approaching and assignments due, make sure you know the location of the study spaces that best suit your needs. The Gazette breaks down each location according to three key studying considerations: space, fuel (food or coffee access) and noise.

Learning Crossroads (CRX)

Three students look at a laptop.

Space: Learning Crossroads has it all, from individual seating and tables geared for group work to private study rooms.

Fuel: While studying at the Crossroads, you’re steps from the CRX food court, which includes Thai Express, Tim Hortons and Paramount. Pro tip: We don’t recommend tackling a large chicken poutine and an essay at the same time.

Noise: CRX can be a quiet place to study at certain times of the day. However, during peak hours it gets busy and noise levels increase.

Morisset Library

Two students read a book.

Space: With individual seating and tables, the library is a go-to space for most students looking for a place to study.

Fuel: The Second Cup in the lobby can provide a fix for your caffeine needs. There’s also Pivik, Bento Sushi and Tim Hortons in the UCU next door. You don’t even need to go outside!

Noise: Each floor seems to have a different volume level. While the fourth is considered the quietest, the fifth has a reputation for being loud.

24/7 Dining Hall

A man wearing a beanie and holding a book uses his laptop while eating.

Space: With large tables, individual seating and quiet areas, there are plenty of places for studying.

Fuel: The name says it all — food is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Noise: During peak hours, the Dining Hall is one of the loudest spots on campus. However, a pair of headphones and your favourite study music can fix that.

Social Sciences Building (FSS)

A group of students studying.

Space: There are 37 study spaces in FSS for undergrads, including an abundance of comfy chairs and tables.

Fuel: Première Moisson, located in the lobby, has delicious pastry and sandwich options.

Noise: The Social Sciences Building is fairly quiet apart from the main lobby.


Interior of SITE.

Space: With a bunch of tables, SITE is a great spot for group work.

Fuel: The SITE food court can help satisfy your taco and burrito (or other lunchtime meal) needs while offering a Tim Hortons at your fingertips.

Noise: There’s a lot of hustle and bustle, making this environment a bit loud.


Students studying around a computer.

Space: Student lounges in Desmarais are equipped with tables and couches, making it one of the more popular buildings on campus.

Fuel: DMS is home to the only Starbucks on campus, so there’s no problem getting your venti frap. Meanwhile, Freshii and Subway are located across the street.

Noise: This is a high traffic area during weekdays, so there’s always going to be some noise.

Last but not least, STEM, uOttawa’s newest building

A group of students studying at a table.

Space: This building has many studying options. You can find a desk just for yourself or use one of the many rooms equipped with tables and whiteboards.

Fuel: There are no food outlets in STEM. However, it’s just steps from the CRX and SITE food courts.

Noise: It’s relatively quiet here, with most noise caused by students commuting to and from classes.

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