Poutine Festival, Splash Run, Snow Festival…and more!

Posted on Tuesday, October 6, 2015

uOshow event on campus

uOshow 2015. Photo: Sylvain Marier

From the Community Life Service Team

Community Life Service at the University of Ottawa puts on close to 100 events each year. The programming is possible thanks to a team of five dedicated individuals led by Marc Duval.

Some of the new events taking place during the 2015-2016 school year include the Green Festival, the Holiday Market, the Festival of Flavours, Sports Week and the uOttawa Emerge Music Festival, not to mention an outdoor concert that was held during Welcome Week!

Alexandre Boileau, marketing and communications officer

“We aren’t selling something you’d have on your shopping list—but experiences and memories. One of the events that will flood the campus with colour is the first ever Splash Run for Fun. The goal? To be “splashed” with the most colour possible before you cross the finish line! Be sure to follow Community Life on social media so you don’t miss any of our events!”

Isabelle Décarie, manager of Sociocultural and Educational Programming

“We coordinate a number of French-language activities every year to highlight the vibrancy and vitality of our francophone community and the richness of the French language. This year’s we’ve worked extremely hard to ensure high-calibre and creative programming with lots of energy that’s second to none. The University of Ottawa will be alive with French music, movies and more! Don’t miss the French film festival, the Emerge French music festival, Mois de la francophonie celebrations and more!”

Four members of the Community life team wearing yellow t-shirts, standing in front of a uOttawa backdrop. They are waving and smiling at the camera.

In the usual order: Community life team members Karoline Bessette-Simard, Melanie Bellefeuille, Noémi Cormier and Isabelle Décarie.

Mélanie Bellefeuille, programming officer

“Each year we work hard to add new activities and events to create unforgettable experiences for our students. One of the new events, uO Show—a colourful, festive and dynamic musical event—took place during this year’s Welcome Week and featured two acclaimed musical acts, Half Moon Run and Misteur Valaire. It was an overwhelming success, with almost 3,000 students joining in the fun. We hope to repeat this event in 2016, so stay tuned! uO Show started the year off with a bang and is just an example of the many other amazing activities in store for you.”

Marc Duval, director of Community Life Service

“I invite you to have a look at our brochure to discover our new and unique events that combine imagination and flare. We’ve added some major new ones this year and brought back some of the old favourites. As you’ll see, we’re working to keep arts and culture alive on the University of Ottawa campus. Experience uOttawa…beyond the classroom!”

The events are all made possible, too, because of the help of two uOttawa students who have worked tirelessly with the Community Life Service team since 2013 through the Work-Study program. A heartfelt thanks goes out to Noémi Cormier and Karoline Bessette-Simard.

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