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Posted on Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Woman holding sign with the figure 1 million next to the Gee-Gees’ horse mascot and a man.

Dana Bulloch, the millionth visitor to the Dining Hall, with Gee-Gees mascot and Director of Food Services Patrick Genest. Dana won many prizes, including $250 in Flex dollars. Photo: Maxime Charlebois.

By Mike Foster

The University of Ottawa is winning the hearts and minds of students through their stomachs.

The Dining Hall served its millionth visitor — Dana Bulloch — last week following its re-launch in September 2015 as an all-you-care-to-eat 24/7 facility with an expanded menu.

Since last year, satisfaction levels among students with Food Services have increased by 21 percentage points, according to the University’s 2015–2016 End of Program Survey.

The secret of Food Services’ success lies in the increased variety of food on offer and the fact that food is available around the clock, which suits the student lifestyle, says Patrick Genest, Food Services director.

“Previously, the food choices were more limited and the menu was static,” Genest said. “Now we have eight food stations on a three-week menu rotation with soups and salads, and the My Pantry station, where students can make their own meals.”

Student satisfaction levels with Food Services had been stagnant for years, he added.

The Dining Hall now serves up to 8,500 students per day, compared to around 6,000 per day last year. Its popularity means the 20,000 square-foot facility with seating for around 700 does get busy at peak times, said Genest.

However, Food Services isn’t letting things simmer on the backburner. Quesada, a new franchise serving burritos and tacos,  just opened last week at the SITE building. Three more franchises will open at the 400-seat Learning Centre: a full-service Tim Hortons, Thaï Express and Paramount, which offers Middle-Eastern cuisine with halal options.

Another project is under way to evaluate the food options, space and infrastructure available at the University’s Roger Guindon Hall. Four other projects are also being evaluated. Stay tuned!

Six men, including four in Mexican garb, three holding guitars and one a saxophone.

Mariachi band Los Paisanos got everyone in the mood for some Mexican food at the grand opening of Quesada last week. Photo: Myriam Hugron.


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