Publication Guidelines


Submitting content (Gazette website)

Material, including any photos, must be submitted no later than noon, EST, on the Wednesday one week prior to the publication date. Material received after the deadline will be considered for publication the following week.

Language Services

All material coming from the faculties must be submitted to the Gazette editor, Johanne Adam, for editorial decisions. Material will then be sent to Language Services to be edited and translated.

Promoting new stories in the Gazette e-Bulletin

Titles of new articles (linked to the Gazette website) are published in the Gazette Bulletin every Thursday

morning to alert readers to new online content. The new content is featured on the site for one month before being archived. Story content is retained for a period of two years.


Number of issues (Bulletin)

The article announcing your event or activity is posted one month before the official date, and a reminder is sent one week before the event/activity. The purpose of this procedure is to avoid repeatedly advertising activities.

Article length (Gazette)

Most articles are a maximum of 400 words long and respect web writing standards. The editor in chief may decide that certain events require only a cover photo with caption.

Article length (Bulletin)

Short article summaries for the Bulletin must not exceed 130 words, because they are simply teasers linking to the Gazette website or the website of the organization featured, where readers will find the full version of the article.

Information required (Bulletin)

The following information must be provided to the editorial team:

  • Where
  • When
  • What
  • How

The name of the contact person or a link to the website must also be provided, so that the editor can contact the person in charge as required.


Articles are selected based on relevance to the four pillars outlined in the University of Ottawa’s strategic plan, Destination 20/20:

  • The student experience
  • Research
  • Francophonie/bilingualism
  • Internationalization

Decisions to publish articles are made at the discretion of the Gazette editor and are based on topic

relevance and publishing resources available.


The Gazette’s target audience is the University’s administrative staff, faculty and students. Each reader group is strategically represented in the themes listed above.

In an effort to effectively represent the target audiences in the University’s faculties and services, we strongly encourage you to submit your stories by completing our online form.


The Gazette is committed to quality regarding the accuracy of published information and the procedures for responding to questions from readers.

Our commitment to our readers:

  • respond to all inquiries within 48 hours
  • provide high-quality service in both official languages
  • prior to publication, submit articles to the communications officer or manager of the faculty or service for review or approval
  • offer to correct any errors in the Gazette and publish a correction notice if necessary in the following Gazette Bulletin

If you have any comments or suggestions on how we can improve our services, please send them to Johanne Adam, Gazette editor in chief at

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