Concussion Injury Group: “Eliminate the Wait”

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A Revolution in Neuroscience

Innovation in treatment for concussion injury

The uOBMRI-Concussion Injury Group (uOBMRI-CIG)

The uOBMRI-CIG has drawn together community champions (survivors, caregivers, community providers) and leading concussion researchers/clinicians to focus on the growing and pressing needs of those struggling with concussions. Major challenges for those suffering from concussion include timely access to appropriate care, predicting whether injury will lead to chronic impairment, and understanding optimal timing for engaging in/ resuming activities. 

This group has come together to effect change, to help other people navigate through a much clearer and accessible system.  Concussion injuries are brain injuries that affect everyone, at any age and in an instant your entire life can change forever.  Without the proper support, many people are left on their own trying to survive with little success at reintegrating into their usual activities of life. This group has come together to change this, to address the tough questions and to improve the system. 

Our Initial Goals is to Support research on:

1) “Eliminate the Wait” 

A system to offer early access to tailored information to be distributed using an interactive web portal that provides immediate appropriate information to patients, primary care physicians, and ER physicians based on a patient’s symptoms.  Contemplated functionality includes an early triage capability, and an experienced nurse navigator for regular contact while waiting to see the specialist.    

2) “Predict who will suffer from persistent concussion injury symptoms”

Refinement of predictive algorithms based upon patient symptoms and tests of who are at risk for more debilitating symptoms.

3) “Optimal timing for engaging in/resuming activity”

Development of sensitive tests to inform patients/physicians if important deficits still exist. Support and individualized programs to improve the patient’s ability to reintegrate as quickly as possible.

We are asking you for your support in achieving these important goals and other research to improve the lives of concussion injury patients.

We will make progress only by working together. With your support, we will develop new tools and develop greater personalized treatments for those suffering from concussion. Our goal is to raise 1 million by 2020. For donors, this is an opportunity to make progress against a disease that affects thousands of people in Canada. With your support, we will provide the resources needed to effect real change.  Please join us! 

Concussion Injury Group at the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Institute

Donors of $500 or more are entered into the Tabaret Society

Support leading edge research on concussion injury being conducted at the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Research Institute

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