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Reaching new heights:

Equipping students to interpret and change law thanks to research, the right tools and opportunities for practical experience.

For more than 60 years, the Civil Law Section has provided its students with an unparalleled environment in which to study and research law, thanks to its open-minded approach to the world’s different legal systems and its focus on creating a high-quality student experience in a friendly atmosphere. Top legal scholars meet here to share their knowledge and build collaborative networks at this crossroads of disciplines and traditions. Known as a centre of excellence in research, the Civil Law Section is proud of the diversity and experience of its faculty members, a group that proposes different approaches and methods to the study of law and society.

Each year, the Civil Law Section welcomes nearly 240 new students to the licentiate in laws program (LL.L), which includes co-op options and a joint program in international development and globalization. In addition to the National Program, the Civil Law Section works in tandem with the Common Law Section to offer the Programme de droit canadien, allowing students to earn both a JD and an LL.L. in three years.

Our graduates rise to prominence, both nationally and internationally, in many different fields and careers, including in the private and public sectors, in business, politics, the judiciary or in international organizations. We take great pride in the excellence and multidisciplinary approach that is the hallmark of our graduates. 

Here are a few of the projects which donations to the Faculty of Law, Civil Law Section help support:

Preparing students to meet the needs of professional practice

In light of the Civil Law Section’s responsibility to teach its students how to analyse, reason and write, the Section has created an applied learning program that features activities tailored to courses in each year of the licentiate in laws program.

To improve this applied learning program, the Civil Law Section wishes to further develop its modules in order to focus on legal writing and provide students with personalized attention and frequent feedback. The Section also wishes to create courses that aim to integrate knowledge in order to better prepare students for the complexity of contemporary legal issues. Financial support would help the Section strengthen these aspects of our teaching.

Providing more students with an international experience

Each year, some twenty-five Civil Law Section students participate in an exchange program to a foreign university, which gives them a better appreciation for legal diversity and a better understanding of the role of law in international relations. Today, the practice of law requires an open-minded approach to other legal systems. These exchanges broaden student perspectives, making them more complete legal professionals.

However, students shoulder the majority of the high costs of these international exchanges; your financial support will help more students enrich their legal training by taking part in such exchanges.

Serving the community and providing students with practical experience

The members of the Civil Law Section believe that law is everyone’s business. To this end, the Section has created legal clinics specializing in a variety of legal fields, including notary law, employment insurance and business law, to name a few. These clinics are run by law students who provide free legal information to anyone who walks in the door, mainly individuals who do not have the means to retain professional legal counsel.

These clinics offer much-needed services to the community and help to improve community access to legal services and justice. They also provide civil law students with an opportunity to apply the knowledge they have learned in the classroom and to acquire legal experience in the real world to prepare them for the challenges of a career in law.

Reaching new heights in research

Several of our professors are part of international research networks and have adopted a multidisciplinary approach to research. Legal research is a lens through which to observe social phenomena. It involves discovering new ways of interpreting legal rules, studying the conditions in which they emerge or how they affect economies and societies.

The Section currently houses four Chairs in specialised research fields, which allows these exceptional researchers to spend more time on research and on applying their knowledge to benefit society. The Civil Law Section hopes to create new research Chairs, most notably in international law.

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Donors of $500 or more are entered into the Tabaret Society
Your support will help the Civil Law Section improve the student experience, most notably by strengthening our applied learning program, encouraging participation in international exchanges, and providing students with a chance to improve access to legal services by working in legal clinics. Your support also helps advance the study of law and the dissemination of legal knowledge.
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