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Solving the scientific problems of tomorrow

Help our students gain life-changing experiences and access state-of-the-art facilities so that they can guide our progress into the future.

“At the Faculty of Science, brilliant minds meet to solve the world’s most important scientific problems and work on the breakthroughs that will guide our progress into the future. Whether it’s discovering new forms of renewable energy, developing artificial skin for burn victims or unravelling the inner secrets of the atom, we’re using science to change people’s lives for the better.”

– Steve Perry, Dean, Faculty of Science

The Faculty of Science brings together some of the best minds in the world and provides them with the specialized technology they need to make life-changing discoveries. Curious, inventive and never satisfied with the status quo, our faculty members probe the mysteries of science and turn their discoveries into advances in fields such as medicine, telecommunications and green chemistry. Outside the lab, many of our professors undertake field research in the far corners of Canada, from Anticosti Island to the High Arctic, studying the natural world and the impact of humans upon it.

In 2015, our faculty was home to 4,000 undergraduate and 525 graduate students. We offer courses through five departments: Biology, Chemistry and Biomolecular Sciences, Earth and Environmental Sciences, Physics, and Mathematics and Statistics. We also provide interdisciplinary programs in Environmental Science, Biomedical Science, Biopharmaceutical Science, Ophthalmic Medical Technology, Biochemistry and Biotechnology.

Here are some of the projects that your donation to the Faculty of Science will help support:

Experiential Learning Fund: Life-changing experiences

Students at the Faculty of Science can benefit from our Experiential Learning Fund to learn outside the classroom. The fund makes it possible to experience opportunities such as field-study courses, conferences, expeditions and research projects requiring travel abroad or across Canada, in exotic destinations such as Panama or in remote areas of the Far North.

The Faculty believes that hands-on experiences such as these open doors to new ideas and life-changing possibilities and create opportunities to collaborate on innovative research with partners around the world.

International postgraduate scholarships: Building global research networks

In the top tiers of science, a single country or institution may have only a few researchers working in each highly specialized field. Those researchers create a network with their international colleagues to advance scientific discoveries. “PhD students form an important part of that network; after all, today’s students are tomorrow’s professors,” notes Ravi Bhardwaj, associate professor of experimental photonics, who came to Canada from his native India on a postdoctoral NSERC scholarship.

In today’s world, science is more international than ever. Yet foreign students face high tuition fees and stiff competition for scarce international scholarships. That’s why the Faculty of Science is committed to increasing the funding available to international students.

Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Centre: Building innovative learning environments

The Faculty of Science is currently spread across nine buildings. Our vision is one where all disciplines physically converge to facilitate innovation. The Undergraduate Teaching and Learning Centre will bring all of our teaching spaces and administrative offices together and relocate the Department of Mathematics and Statistics under our roof.

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Faculty of Science Strategic Priority Fund

Donors of $500 or more are entered into the Tabaret Society

Your contributions will enhance the student experience, recruit and retain talent, support research and strategic priorities.

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