Teach Abroad Program for PhDs

This program allows participants to teach abroad and gain experience outside of the traditional campus TAship. It offers professional internships that enhance the experience of future professors and researchers, as participants do the work of a guest lecturer or teaching assistant in another country. This program offers no academic unit (credit).

For partner institutions

How can I recruit a PhD student to teach at my institution?

  • The University of Ottawa is the largest bilingual public research university in Canada. PhD students who come from the University can teach in English and/or French. They are passionate teachers with experience and proper training in university teaching who love their field of knowledge, and are deeply stirred by issues and ideas that challenge our world.


  • This is an opportunity for you to open new networks for dedicated researchers who are engaged, young, and eager to discuss their research specialties and teach your students.

To offer a placement, contact Michelle Nowlan, Coordinator, Sponsored Students Programs and Strategic Mobility: 


613-562-5800 Ext. 3809
Pavillon Tabaret, room M388

For PhD students

How can I apply to teach abroad?

Eligibility and requirements

  • Ability to teach in English*
  • Successful completion of your comprehensive examinations by the time you participate in the program
  • Completion of your third year of degree requirements by the time you participate in the program
  • Full-time registration at the University of Ottawa while you teach abroad (all applicable fees will be charged to you)
  • Completion of Teaching and Learning Support Service courses (an asset)
  • Availability to teach abroad for intensive class placements of approximately 45 hours over three to five weeks
  • Completion of a pre-departure session
  • An appropriate amount of valid hospital/accident insurance or other healthcare coverage for the duration of the teaching period at the partner institution

    * Some destinations may also require you to teach courses in French or in another foreign language.

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