3-Minute Thesis Competition - 2016

Moussa Thiam (left) and Teri Slade (center), winners of the 2017 uOttawa Ma thèse en 180 secondes and 3MT competitions. Danny Jooma (right), has won second place at the competition as well as Raphaëlle Robidoux (absent from the picture).

3MT and MT180 winners

3-Minute Thesis and Ma thèse en 180 secondes competitions give to graduate students the opportunity to take on a big challenge:  present in a compelling way their thesis topic and its significance in just three minutes. 3MT and MT180 are the perfect occasion for them to improve their communication skills while offering a unique environment to present their research in the public space. 

Tuesday, March 15 was held the 2016 edition of 3MT and Ma thèse en 180 secondes competitions at uOttawa. Congratulations to the winners, Justin Whitaker, master’s student at the Faculty of Science for the 3MT competition and Natalie Richer, PhD student at the Faculty of Health Sciences for Ma thèse en 180 secondes competition! The winners represented the University of Ottawa at the 2016 provincial and national finals.

Several graduate students presented their thesis and we want to thank all participants for daring to take on the challenge!

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For more information on the competitions, please visit the 3MTand Ma thèse en 180 secondes websites.


Judges of 2016 uOttawa Competition

Lynne BowkerVice-Dean, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, uOttawa

Sylvie CarbonneauDirector of Marketing and Communications, Shaw Centre

Dominic FaucherAssociate Creative Director, Orkestra

Benjamin Miller3MT Winner of 2015 uOttawa Competition


Video Presentations

3MT Winner 2016

Name: Justin Whitaker

Program: Earth Science

Degree: Master’s

Thesis title: Investigating the Overexpression and Structural Engineering of Urease Apoprotein in Sporosarcina ureae for Increased Ureolytic Activity 

Thesis supervisor: Dr. Danielle Fortin (Earth Science) and Dr. Sai Vanapalli (Civil Engineering)

MT180 Winner 2016

Name: Natalie Richer

Program: Human Kinetics

Grade: Ph.D.

Thesis Title: Postural control mechanisms in youth and seniors

Thesis supervisor: Yves Lajoie

* presentation available in French only

2nd place, 3MT 2016

Name: Shruti Mallya

Program: Epidemiology

Degree: Master’s

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