Time management

Professors who supervise thesis and students who have completed thesis say one of the key challenges a student encounters while preparing a thesis is making the best use of the time allotted to complete the task. Here are some suggestions to help students use their time to their best advantage.

  • Structure each day.
  • Get into a routine.
  • Break the big project into small tasks.
  • Set goals for each month, each week and each day. This way the thesis will seem less like a big, daunting project. 
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Exercise regularly.

If the student feels he or she is are not a good writer and lack a grasp of the basic mechanics— grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure, for example—he or she shouldn't wait to get help. The student can ask the thesis advisor about courses to develop the skills needed to write the thesis. Students can also refer to the Academic Writing Help Centre.

The student should recognize and overcome writer’s block. Sometimes, writer’s block can spring from the writing process revealing a fundamental flaw in the organization or substance of a text, and when this happens, changes may have to be made to the thesis statement or outline.

But in most cases, writer’s block is temporary. If the student feels no progress, he or she should speak to your supervisor. What’s important is to not stay stuck.

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