University of Ottawa Health Services (UOHS)

Our Mission

Inspiring and supporting the health and well-being of the individuals and communities we serve.

Our Vision

Partners in shaping the future of Canadian health care.

Our Values 

Quality of Care

We bring knowledge, professionalism, and integrity to integrated health solutions. 


We drive sustainable change through creative ideas.


We embrace diversity. Everyone is valued, welcomed, and included.


We actively listen, express concern & empathy, and treat everyone with kindness.


We actively engage in the free exchange of knowledge and resources. 

UOHS is proud of the comprehensive range of services we offer to University of Ottawa students, faculty, staff, and the general public. On average, 500 patients are seen each day at UOHS and we receive 100 patient calls per hour.

Our primary care clinic serves a community made up of Ontario residents, students, staff and faculty of the University of Ottawa and Saint Paul University, the Ottawa REDBLACKS  and Canadian Military families through Operation Family Doc. If you are part of one of these categories, do not wait to register with a family doctor. If you are not part of one of these categories, please note that our Walk-in clinic is open to all, including Quebec residents! The University of Ottawa community includes more than 225,000 individuals consisting of 40,000 students more than 5,000 support and academic staff and 180,000 alumni; all of whom may access services at UOHS.

Based on campus, our Health Promotion (HP) department is made up of 2 health promotion specialists, administrative assistants, team leaders and peer educator volunteers who are dedicated to make health information accessible to students and to encourage well-being through healthy choices.  HP is an environment that supports personal and professional development through contribution to the community.  HP believes that promoting student health and wellness is integral to the values of the University of Ottawa. This dynamic team can be found educating and encouraging the University of Ottawa community.  HP’s focus is to empower students during various stages of change for healthy living and academic success by offering free bilingual resources, services, programs and activities that touch on student health issues. For more information about HP, visit our Health Promotion page.

UOHS staff consists of over 100 full and part-time employees as well as close to 90 health care professionals, offering care in the areas of Family Medicine (FHT), Specialty Medicine, Physiotherapy, Psychiatry, and other services. Physicians include family medicine and sports medicine physicians as well as specialists in Gynecology/Obstetrics, Physiatry, Orthopaedics, Endocrinology, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Psychiatry.

Our family doctors see their patients in offices across three floors of the University Of Ottawa Health Services located at 100 Marie Curie, in the clinic located in University Sports Complex at 801 King Edward, suite N203 and in the clinic located at 316 Rideau St.

The 30 family physicians of UOHS have formed a Family Health Organization as of November 1, 2013.   The system is beneficial for both patients and physicians in that it supports the therapeutic relationship between physician and patient, incentivizes the physician to manage more patients within the practice, provides stable income to the physician and provides the patient with access to the services of the UOHS Family Health Team.

Family Health Team

In 2007, a Family Health Team was launched within UOHS after having successfully met the requirements of a Ministry of Health and Long Term Care competition. Designed as a collaborative, interdisciplinary model of care, it includes a variety of allied health professionals and incorporates programs for managing chronic diseases. The FHT continues to grow to meet the community’s evolving needs.

The University of Ottawa Health Services Family Health Team (UOHS FHT) is an approach to primary health care that brings together different health care providers to co-ordinate the highest possible quality of care for the patient.

Designed to give doctors support from other complementary professionals, the UOHS FHT consists of nurses, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals who work collaboratively, each utilizing their experience and skills so that our patients receive the very best care, when they need it, as close to home as possible.

The following Allied Health Professionals have been approved by Ministry Of Health and Long Term Care to assist us to serve our patients better:

  • Nurse Practitioner
  • Registered Nurse
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Mental Health Counselor
  • Dietitian
  • Health Educator
  • Social Worker
  • Psychiatrist
  • Chiropodist

Shared Care Model

In 2011, UOHS adopted our Shared Care model, which means that while physicians remain the primary care providers for their patients, they may share the care of their patients with the nurse practitioner and a team of healthcare professionals as described above.

A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a nurse with advanced university education who works both independently and in collaboration with your family physician and other health professionals to provide you with quality health care services.  The NPs at UOHS are specialists in primary health care.  They provide individuals, families and groups with health services in health promotion, disease and injury prevention, cure, rehabilitation and support.

As a member of your health care team, the Nurse Practitioners can:

  • Diagnose illness and injuries
  • Perform physical check-ups
  • Order and interpret diagnostic tests
  • Provide counselling and education
  • Provide treatment
  • Order procedures
  • Refer clients to other health care professionals and specialists
  • Prescribe medication
  • Manage chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular (i.e. hypertension), HIV, Hepatitis C

The NP role is well established in Ontario, most other North American jurisdictions and the United Kingdom. There has been extensive research regarding the contributions of NPs to patient care in a variety of practice settings. Studies from multiple jurisdictions have consistently shown that patients are very satisfied with NP services. Studies also show that patient outcomes are either the same, or improved, when NPs participate in patient care.

Read more about nurse practitioners and what they do.

For the complete list of services and programs offered at UOHS, visit our Services & Programs page.

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Hours of Operation

Walk-in Clinic
100 Marie Curie, Ottawa

Monday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Tuesday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Wednesday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Thursday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Friday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 2 PM
Sunday: 10 AM - 2PM

Booking instructions:

Please call the clinic at 613-564-3950 to schedule a same day telephone appointment with a walk-in clinic physician.  If after the telephone consultation an in-person visit is required, patients will be booked accordingly.


300-100 Marie Curie Pvt
Ottawa, ON
K1N 6N5

Tel: 613-564-3950

Fax: 613-564-6627

After Hours Access to Care

Patients registered with a family doctor at UOHS

In case of emergency, always dial 911. THAS connects you to a nurse who can provide medical advice, or, if appropriate, provide access to a family health team doctor or suggest that you go to emergency.


Patients not registered with a family doctor at UOHS – Ontario residents

In case of emergency, always dial 911. Telehealth Ontario is a free service that allows Ontario residents to speak to a Registered Nurse with their medical questions any time of the day or night. This could be when you're sick or injured but aren't sure if you need to see a doctor or can treat the situation at home.


Patients not registered with a family doctor at UOHS – Quebec residents

In case of emergency, always dial 911. Info-Santé 8-1-1  is a free and confidential telephone consultation service that puts you in contact with a nurse in case of a non-urgent health issue.

Info-Santé 811

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