Global Health

Students on the Global Health team posing on a Zoom call

Global Health Team 2020-2021

Global health encompasses all aspects of health but more specifically disease prevention, basic hygiene, emergency preparedness, social determinants of health and environmental wellness.  Our Health Promotion Team adopts a peer-to-peer education method to keep students on campus  informed on global and local holistic issues and how they can keep themselves safe.

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COVID-19: Health & Hygiene


Global Health Resources

  • Travel Safe (Gov. of Canada): Information on how to have a safe and enjoyable journey whether you are travelling in Canada or abroad.
  • Fairtrade Canada: Fairtrade is a movement for change that works directly with businesses, consumers and campaigners to make trade fair for farmers and workers. The international Fairtrade system represents the world's largest and most recognized fair trade system.
  • World Health Organization: Our goal is to build a better, healthier future for people all over the world. Working through offices in more than 150 countries, WHO staff work side by side with governments and other partners to ensure the highest attainable level of health for all people.


  • WHO Info: The official WHO information app. Keep the latest global health information at your fingertips
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