Our Nutrition Team cares about healthy eating on a student friendly budget. This dynamic team of students adopts a peer to peer education method to teach and inspire students and staff on campus about nutrition and food. Come discover Canada's Food Guide, delicious and unique recipes, local and organic produce and most of all, healthy alternatives to help propel you on your nutritional journey.

Meet our team at our weekly event Cooking Demo, where you can get free food samples and cooking tips for students. See the upcoming events tab on the main page for more details.

For more information on nutrition, come see our Nutrition – Health Promotion Specialist in UCU203 or email us at

COVID-19 and Nutrition

Try new recipes! Cookspiration is a Canadian-based recipe app with tons of meal and snack ideas full of flavour and variety!


Basic grocery shopping tips:
  • Know what you want before getting there (have your detailed list ready)
  • Shop with your eyes (avoid touching items you will not purchase)
  • Keep your physical distance in shopping aisles as well
  • Pay with tap when possible


Basic Cooking tips:
  • There is currently no evidence that the COVID-19 virus can grow on food or can be transmitted by ingesting food
  • It is still important to continue practicing good hygiene and food safety during food preparation and meals

Source: Ottawa Public Health

Nutrition Resources

  • Unlock Food is a free service that connects residents of Ontario to the trusted advice of a Registered Dietitian to help you make healthier food choices and answer your nutrition questions.
  • Hopewell: Hopewell offers support groups based on the peer support model.  Support groups help those who are in treatment or have already sought treatment transition through recovery.  Support groups meet once weekly for a series of 8 weeks. For more info check out our support groups info page.
  • Health Canada (Food Guide): Eat healthy by using Canada's Food Guide. Also find tips and tools to help you eat foods that are better for you and in the right amounts.


  • eaTracker : To analyze recipes
  • eaTipster : Tips for healthier alternatives
  • Cookspiration: Recipes that fit your mood

Upcoming Events

Visit the Virtual Wellness Series page or follow us on Instagram for more info.

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