Speech Language Pathology Clinic & Stuttering Therapy

IconThe Speech Language Pathology Clinic and Stuttering Treatment Clinic exist thanks to a collaboration between the University of Ottawa School of Rehabilitation Sciences and the University of Ottawa Health Services. Individual assessment and treatment for adults and adolescents is offered, along with intensive group treatment programs of varying format and duration.

What to Expect

  • Stuttering Therapy
  • Voice Therapy
  • Cognitive Communication Therapy

Services offered by the stuttering treatment clinic at UOHS include assessment and individual treatment as well as intensive treatment in a group therapy setting. Intensive clinics are run in the spring (2 weeks of daily therapy) and summer (3 weeks). Semi-intensive group treatment (twice a week sessions) may be scheduled in the fall and winter semesters, depending on patient interest. Treatment includes instruction in techniques to make speech smoother and less effortful as well as counselling in changing thoughts and attitudes towards communication that may have developed following years of struggling to speak. Treatment is fee-for-service; funding is available to offset costs for those in financial need.

Speech-language Pathologist at UOHS

Caroline Bredeson is a registered Speech-language Pathologist with over twenty years of experience treating adults with communication and dysphagia (swallowing disorder). She has practiced in Ontario, British Columbia and the American Midwest, returning to the Ottawa area five years ago. Most recently, she ran the Stuttering Treatment Clinic formerly based at the Ottawa Hospital. Her main focus at present is fluency disorders in adolescents and adults. This includes both stuttering and the less-well known disorder of cluttering. She has taught at the graduate level and regularly provides practical placements for students studying speech-language pathology. Other areas of expertise include assessment and treatment of cognitive-communication disorders resulting from traumatic brain injury, voice disorders, dysarthria (articulation problems) and swallowing.

How to Access

Please contact the Interprofessional Rehabilitation Clinic at:

  • Phone: (613)-526-7125
  • Fax: (613) 526-7126

No referral required. Physician referral may be required for fee reimbursement through extended health insurance plans.

Please note that the Speech Pathology and Stuttering Treatment Clinic is located at the Interprofessional Clinic at Perley Rideau, 1750 Russell Rd. Ottawa, ON.


Elective Services

Description Per Hour Fee
Evaluation - Stuttering $200 for 90 mins
Individual Session (Phone or in Person) $130
Group Session for Stuttering (2 or more individuals) $300 for block of 5 or $65 each
Voice Therapy $130
Swallowing Therapy $130
Cognitive-communication Therapy Following Traumatic Brain Injury $130

Stuttering Clinic

Description Fee Sessions
Intensive Stuttering Treatment Clinic $1750

Spring session:  April 23 - May 08

Summer session: July 15 - 30

Semi-Intensive Clinic $950 3hrs per day twice weekly; 8-9 weeks
Refresher-Intensive Clinic $120 5 hrs/1 day
Refresher-Semi-Intensive Clinic $100 3hrs/1 day
Summer Program for Youth Who Stutter $500 July 8 - 12 (Registration Form)


Marie Poulos Funds

Purpose of the Fund:  to enable qualified individuals who stutter access to financial assistance in order to attend stuttering treatment programs.

The Bursary Fund was named in honour of Marie Poulos who worked at the Ottawa Hospital’s Rehab Centre Stuttering Treatment Clinic in the 80s and 90s until she was tragically killed in a car accident. Marie was much loved by her many clients and highly respected by her speech pathology peers.

Main Eligibility Requirements

Any person who stutters who can prove they would benefit from such treatment and who is financially unable to cover in whole or in part the costs of such treatments themself.

Who is Eligible?

The applicant must be a resident of the National Capital Area (Ontario and Gatineau) or a student (including international) attending any National Capital school (universities and colleges in Ottawa and Gatineau)..  Applicants may access treatment in either English or French.

Summary of Eligibility Criteria

1. Proof of need for treatment

Applicant to submit document by a qualified professional indicating the results of an assessment that shows the individual can benefit from the proposed treatment program. Assessment may be done either by a speech pathologist connected with the Stuttering Treatment Program at the University of Ottawa’s Health Services Department; by a speech pathologist in private practise or another qualified individual e.g. a doctor, counselor, social worker.

2. Proof of financial need for treatment

Applicant to complete and submit the Request for Financial Assistance form and to provide written proof that he or she would not be able to access the treatment program without some financial assistance.

3. What is expected of successful applicants

An applicant who receives financial assessment may be asked at the end of the treatment to provide written testimony as to the benefits of the program and to allow such testimony to be used in future activities to publicize the Stuttering Treatment Clinic. The individual may remain anonymous if she or he so desires.

Request for financial assistance form

For information on how to apply for financial assistance, please contact our clinic at 613-526-7125.

Speech Therapy as a Tax Deduction

Private speech therapy is tax deductible as a medical expense, however a medical referral is required. Please keep your treatment invoices and receipts as evidence of payment. We encourage you to consult your tax advisor for more information.

Disability Tax Credit for People who Stutter

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has recognized stuttering as a disability entitling taxpayers to a tax credit of $7,196 (2010). To apply for this credit, download a T2201 form from the Canada Revenue Agency website, or obtain the form from your nearest taxation office.


Ottawa Association of People Who Stutter: Ottawa Support group fo people who stutter (by and for people who stutter). Organizes monthly meetings on Wednesday evenings between 7-8:30 p.m. Location, Minto Sports complex on the University of Ottawa campus; 40 Templeton Ave.

Thank you very much for your support of the stuttering activities.

Canadian Stuttering Association

Association des bègues du Canada (in French only)

HP Blog


Hours of Operation

Walk-in Clinic
100 Marie Curie, Ottawa

Monday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Tuesday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Wednesday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Thursday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Friday: 8 AM - 8 PM
Saturday: 10 AM - 2 PM
Sunday: Closed

*The Walk-in Clinic, located at 100 Marie Curie, will be closed on Sundays from June 2nd  to August 25th


Important Walk in appointment information for Rideau Clinic location


300-100 Marie Curie Pvt
Ottawa, ON
K1N 6N5

Tel: 613-564-3950

Fax: 613-564-6627

After Hours Access to Care

Patients registered with a family doctor at UOHS

In case of emergency, always dial 911. THAS connects you to a nurse who can provide medical advice, or, if appropriate, provide access to a family health team doctor or suggest that you go to emergency.


Patients not registered with a family doctor at UOHS – Ontario residents

In case of emergency, always dial 911. Telehealth Ontario is a free service that allows Ontario residents to speak to a Registered Nurse with their medical questions any time of the day or night. This could be when you're sick or injured but aren't sure if you need to see a doctor or can treat the situation at home.


Patients not registered with a family doctor at UOHS – Quebec residents

In case of emergency, always dial 911. Info-Santé 8-1-1  is a free and confidential telephone consultation service that puts you in contact with a nurse in case of a non-urgent health issue.

Info-Santé 811

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