I’m an out-of-province student. Do I have to pay for healthcare?

No - You have a provincial health card which covers your basic healthcare needs. Once you have registered with a UOHS family physician, you can book an appointment online, by phone or in person. Remember to bring your provincial health card and your student card with you to each appointment or walk-in visit at UOHS. Students from Quebec are required to pay the non-refundable RAMQ visit fee when accessing services at UOHS.

I’m an international student. Do I have to pay for healthcare?

No - You are covered under the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) which covers your basic healthcare needs. Contact the University of Ottawa International Office for questions about your insurance plan. Once you have registered with a UOHS family physician, you can request an appointment online, by phone or in person. Remember to bring your UHIP card (or proof of insurance letter from the International Office) and your student or employee card any time you come to the clinic for an appointment or walk-in visit.

What do I need to know about immunizations as a new student?

Are there specific requirements for my clinical placement? All students should ensure that their immunizations are up-to-date. Bring your immunization record with you to university. If you are new to Canada or have been out of the country for longer than 12 months, you must also have documentation of a recent TB skin test performed by a Canadian physician.

Some University of Ottawa faculties (i.e. Medicine, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Human Kinetics, etc.) have specific requirements for clinical placements. It is a student's responsibility to obtain these tests/immunizations prior to your placement. If you require tests or immunizations, plan ahead and get your results before the start of your placement.

You can book an appointment or visit our walk-in clinic anytime to update all your immunizations and/or TB testing.

I am a student or employee of the University of Ottawa or Saint Paul University. Can members of my family also register with UOHS?

Yes. As long as you are a student or employee already registered with a UOHS family physician, spouses and minor children living at the same address, can register and then book an appointment. Visit one of our clinics or contact us by phone at 613-564-3950 for more information.

How can I get a medical certificate?

A new policy will be available soon..

Who can I contact to ask questions about insurance coverage?

Full-time students at the University of Ottawa are covered by a private insurance plans, paid for as part of their tuition fees. Part-time students can choose to opt-in to the same private insurance plan for a premium. Please contact your Insurance Plan Administrator for more information:

If you have chosen to be covered by your parents’/your partner’s insurance, you can directly contact this private insurance company to learn more about your benefits. Please note that student health insurance plans are not managed by UOHS
Where can I get health products, resources, and information on different health topics while at university?

If you are looking for information and tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle while juggling schoolwork, your social life, and your job, visit the staff at the Health Promotion Resource Centre at UCU 203 or attend any number of free events such as cooking classes, yoga, and health info sessions taking place across campus and in residence.

Where can I find information about clinics organized by Health Services, and events organized by Health Promotions teams?

UOHS organizes clinics throughout the year (flu shots, immunizations, etc.). The Health Promotion department and Peer Ed teams also organize a number of fun and informative health events alone or in partnership with campus and community partners. Visit our website's Health Promotion page, search for our events on uoCal, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all the latest news, events, contests, and demos taking place throughout the year.

Upcoming Events

Yoga - February 24th

Mental Health Coaching - February 25th

Meditation - February 26th

Reiki - February 27th 

Pet Therapy - February 28th 


Visit the calendar or follow us on Facebook for more info.

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