Damages: collective billing

Damages on your floor

When damage occurs in residence and no one comes forward to take responsibility, the cost is split between everyone on the floor or cluster.

Once damage is identified:

  1. A report is posted detailing damage and repair or replacement cost.
  2. If the person responsible for the damage does not come forward within 10 days, the charges for the damage will be split.
  3. If you know who did the damage, try to convince them to speak with their CA or speak with your CA yourself, before the deadline.
  4. If the damage was caused intentionally, disciplinary measures will be taken.

Note: If you know that you’ll be gone for an extended period of time, you could let your CA know in advance and thus be exempt from any damages that occur during that time period.

Facilities related fees 

Move-in Inspection Report

  • When you move in, you will be given an Inspection Report for your room/unit.
  • Take time to spot and report any damage to your room or any deficiencies.
  • Return it within 48 hrs to the Front Desk after moving in; it will be your service request. 
  • When you move out, any damage NOT identified in your Move-in Inspection Report will be charged to your account.
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