Who cleans what?

Traditional rooms, Traditional Plus!, Studios and Suites

  • You are responsible for the cleanliness of your room / unit. Inspections will be performed regularly. Cleaning charges  apply where necessary. Upon request from all co-residents, complete cleaning of your unit is available for the same cost.

Hyman Soloway, 45 Mann and Annex

  • You are responsible for the cleanliness of your room / unit.
  • Inspections will be performed during the February study break and again in August.
  • Cleaning of the shared living quarters is done in late August. A 24-hour notice is given to allow you to clear the floors from all items, so the staff can vacuum and wash them.

Note: Housekeeping crew will not touch any of your belongings. If the floors aren’t clear of all objects the crew will vacuum around them. Cleaning charges may apply where necessary.  Complete cleaning of your unit is also available on demand for the same cost

Cleaning your room

Cleaning your room is your responsibility during the year. You can ask your CA to borrow your floor’s cleaning kit to help you with that task.

Coordinating the cleaning of common area with roommates can be a little bit trickier in 45 Mann, Hyman Soloway and Annex residences. Ask your CA for a copy of the “Cleaning wheel”, a practical tool to help you remember how chores are divided among co-residents.

Common areas

Housekeeping staff cleans the common areas daily:

  • Common bathrooms, kitchens and lounges
  • Hallways, elevators and stairwells

Note: Any shared room can be locked up for a period of time by housekeeping if it is consistently messy or dirty.

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