Telephone, television and Internet


You are given the freedom and responsibility of finding the telephone service that  best suits your needs.  Telephone jacks are found in each unit. 


Cable - We provide you with the basic Rogers Cable Service in our residence common rooms. At 90U and Rideau, cable service is also provided in the bedrooms. Just plug in your TV or adapted computer in the outlet. (Cables not provided except at 90U.)

Call 1-866-567-5778 (option 3) for any issues with you digital adapter or to order additional channels at you own costs. Visit the Rogers Website for more information about the Rogers digital TV packages.

IPTV is also available to all!  Simply connect to your building WiFi SSID (e.g., in 90U: 90_University_WiFi), then visit to watch online TV or obtain further information regarding the service.


If you live in 45 Mann or at the Annex


Individual usernames and passwords have been included inside your key envelopes upon move-in.

Available Networks 

45mannFast / AnnexFast: Good for most devices especially for Laptops and PCs with wifi adapters. This works at 5GHz only so if you have an old device that does not support 5GHz, you wont see this network in the air.

45mann / Annex: Uses legacy 2.4GHz frequencies and is for anyone whose device does not support 5GHz or anyone having issues connecting and maintain connections with 45mannFast or AnnexFast networks. iPhones and other apple devices have design problems in maintaining connections with 5GHz, so if this is your case, you will need to use 45mann or Annex networks.

iPhone Users: iPhone devices are having difficulties accessing the 45mannFast or AnnexFast networks. Instead, connect to 45mann or Annex networks. If you have already connected your iPhone to 45mannFast or AnnexFast, please ignore both networks and reconnect to 45mann or Annex only.

All Wi-Fi networks will prompt the very first time for a wireless password which is AHJ7rApP5t followed by a login splash page. You need to type in your allocated individual username and password only once. The system will remember you and will connect your device while in range.

If you have issues connecting, please send an email with the following information to if you live at the Annex, or to if you live at 45 Mann. 

  1. Your username (unit number, followed by your room letter. - e.g., 100a)
  2. Your name
  3. Your email address
  4. A description of the problem
  5. Whether the problem is affecting all your devices or a specific one
  6. If only one device is affected, specify which one (mobile phone, tablet, tv, etc.)
  7. Is the problem affecting your suite mates?
  8. Where are you experiencing the issue? Only in your apartment, or also somewhere else in the building? Please be specific.

A Guest account has also been activated. To connect, choose the Wi-Fi named Annex and enter password AHJ7rApP5t. Use the following settings to connect:

  • Guest username: guest
  • Guest password: guest321

If you have a special device that needs be connected please email if you live at the Annex, or to if you live at 45 Mann, and follow instructions on this special devices form.

In all other buildings

Internet service (WIFI) is provided by Rogers Communications, and is available as soon as you move into your room. Plug into the Ethernet port in your room or connect to your residence WiFi SSID (e.g., in 90U: 90_University_WiFi) and enjoy.

Cable Modem Connection 

  • Determine the SSID and PassPhrase of your device by looking at the sticker on the back of the modem. Your Cable Modem will have a SSID similar to Rogers07202.
  • Find the SSID (SSID named on the back of your Cable Modem) in the list of available Wi-Fi Networks on your device. Click on the SSID.
  • Your device will prompt you for a password – enter the PassPhrase. Click Connect.

Resetting your Rogers Cable Modem to the factory default settings will allow a user to connect to the device with the default PassPhrase located on the back of the modem and will also allow a user to access the default device setup page.

  • Find the reset button located on the back of the cable modem
  • Using a pin, hold down the reset button for 15 seconds – you should see the lights on the front of the device flash.

Changing your SSID and PassPhrase - This set of instructions is sent to the residents by opening a trouble ticket at

Assistance : to open a support ticket or call (855) 912-2668

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