Laundry rooms locations

Laundry room location differs from residence to residence:

  • 90U, Stanton, Hyman Soloway, Henderson and Rideau: on the ground floor
  • Thompson and Friel: on every floor
  • LeBlanc and Marchand: in the basement 
  • 45 Mann and Annex: within each unit

How it works

Once you know where the closest laundry room is, you will need the following items:

The detailed instructions on how to do your laundry are located in each laundry room, simply follow the 5 easy steps.


  • Machines located at the Friel and the Rideau residences are card operated, but do not work with the uOttawa Card system. Instructions as to how to obtain and load a laundry card are available on site.
  • In 45 Mann and Annex residences, a set of appliances is found in each unit (no cost).  
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