Apply for residence

How to apply

2020-2021 Year

Apply to residence through the Housing Portal in uoZone.

Housing is guaranteed to incoming first year students. See if you are eligible and learn how to apply.

2019-2020 Year

Do you live in residence and wish to stay for another year? See your options.

2nd year students (and up), see 45 Mann residence, exclusive to upper-year students. Other options are offered in Hyman Soloway and in the new Annex residence.

Learn how to cancel your room and the terms of terminating your contract.

Once a room has been assigned to you, and you want to change your room, you can do so with the help of your community advisor (CA).

Don’t miss a deadline when applying for residence.

Compare the residences

In order to choose your residence, view the Compare our residences page, and learn the different aspects of residence living from living learning communities to prices and kitchen facilities.

You can also view each residence.

    1st year students 

    Traditional rooms

    Traditional Plus!


      Studios and suites




        Upper year students



        Fees schedule and payment methods

        Fees are different for each residence and room type;

        Fees are paid in two different ways; it depends on the type of residence.

        Consult the dates and deadlines page to know when your fees are due.

        Incidental service fees and administrative charges

        Additional fees are charged, for the services below:

        Access the Housing Portal

        Log in to uoZone, and select the “Applications” tab in the top menu. Then choose “Housing Portal” from the list available.

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