Returning to residence

The form for the 2018-2019 academic year will soon be available.

Next year, stay in Rez!

As a current resident, you are welcome back next year!  You just need to apply.
If you live in apartment-style residence and wish to keep your room, you must submit your request by a certain date.
Applications and reservations via the Housing Portal, in uoZone.

Annex, Brooks, Hyman Soloway and 45 Mann residents

You can stay in Rez next year

Available in the Housing Portal (in uoZone):

  • Stay in your room, or ask to move to another unit within your residence.
    Check the dates and deadlines page, apply, and sign a new residence agreement when notified.
  • Move to a zone exclusive to students in 2nd year and up:

Other residents (L,M.S, T, 90U, HNN, FRL, RDU)


  • Take over a place in Brooks or in Hyman Soloway in May, and request accommodation for September. Your application for Housing will have priority. 


Consider living in one of the options exclusive to upper year students and apply in the Housing Portal, in uoZone

Or request a room in any other residence.
Please note that rooms in these residences are assigned in priority to newly admitted students who met the guaranteed housing response date. Therefore, we will only contact you if there is any availability remaining after those students have been assigned. To apply, go to the Housing Portal, via uoZone.

Check the dates and deadlines. 

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