Second year and up students

Next year, stay in residence!

Upper year living style means having your own space. Stay on campus and have many useful resources at your disposal while living in a building more suited to the upper year student's needs.

As a full-time upper year student, you are welcome to stay on campus. You just need to apply. Applications and reservations are made in the Housing Portal, via uoZone.

Have a look at the 12-month living options which best suit your preferences

  • Annex – Our newest residence! Annex offers studios for one person as well as apartments for up to five people. Each bedroom has a private bathroom.
  • 45 Mann–Apartments for one, two, three or four people. Each bedroom has a private bathroom.
  • Hyman Soloway–Apartments for up to four people.

Residence fees are due at the start of every term. Check the important dates and deadlines.

Already a resident?

Living in Annex, Hyman Soloway or 45 Mann?

You can stay in your room or ask to move to another unit within your residence. It’s very easy!

Other residents

Coming back to residence is easy.

  • Have a look at the living options for upper year students.
  • Apply online and follow instructions.

Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis.

New to residence?

If you are not currently living in residence, you can still apply for a room in September. It’s never too late to benefit from the many advantages of living on campus.

Reserve a room for September now and be stressed-free over the summer.

  • Log into uoZone and access the Housing Portal.
  • Select your housing preferences. To change your choices once your application has been submitted, please send an email to Do not withdraw your request.  
  • Pay a $700 deposit online by credit card or by an alternative payment method. (Be aware that processing your payment this way can take several days.)

Applications will be processed on a first come, first serve basis. 

Interested in getting a room in May?

If you’re planning on staying in Ottawa over the summer, you can move into an on campus in May. Take over a place in The Annex, Hyman Soloway or 45 Mann, and request accommodation for September. Your application for housing will have priority.

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