Sublet or takeover


The takeover occurs when a student is being replaced by another uOttawa student for the remainder of the residence agreement. A takeover can occur from August 15 preceding the beginning of the agreement up to April 30 of the current residence year. After April 30, a resident who does not need his/her room can sublet it until the end of the contract.  

Consequences of a cancellation by takeover: 

  • The student moving out has his/her contract terminated on the date the takeover takes place, and no longer is responsible for the payment of the residence fees
  • At 45 Mann, Annex and Hyman Soloway, the student moving in can sublet his/her room for the summer, and apply for the year following. 

Have a room for a takeover 

  1. Eligibility criteria – See page Cancellations
  2. Termination notice – A 30-day notice is required. For a termination effective on April 30, you must submit your request by March 31. The form is in the Housing Portal, via uoZone, section Your Room, option Terminate Residence Agreement.
  3. Replacement identification – In the Housing Portal, via uoZone, section Your Room, go to Room Takeover to identify the person who replaces you.
  4. Roommate meeting – Download the Meeting Confirmation form; once completed, upload it to your file on the page View your requests.  
  5. No replacement – Submit a request for termination, even though you have not yet found someone to replace you. Post an ad in the Student Housing Billboard, and do steps 3 and 4 when you have someone. 
  6. Approval – Wait for Housing to approve your candidate. You will be notified by email when your termination request is approved. Meanwhile, you can check the status of your takeover request by logging in to the Housing Portal and clicking on the View your Requests option.


Looking to take over a room

  1. Find a takeover room opportunity on the Student housing billboard
  2. Notice – The current resident must fill out a Termination form in the Housing Portal.
  3. Application – Apply for the current academic ear in the Housing Portal, via uoZone.  
  4. Housing Offer – The takeover is approved when a housing offer is sent to you by email. 
  5. Acceptance – Upon notification, you must accept the offer on the Housing Portal to have access to the residence.
  6. Check in - 90 UniversityMove in dates 


A sublet occurs when a resident living in either the Annex, 45 Mann or Hyman Soloway is looking to temporarily leave the unit during the summer session and finds another student from a post-secondary institution as a temporary replacement. Occupancy is for a fixed term, usually 4 months, and cannot be renewed.

Beware! People using classified ads websites are often targeted by scammers. To know how to spot them and avoid being tricked, consult our Housing scams info page.

Have a room to sublet

  1. Eligibility – In the Housing Portal, via uoZone, section Your Room, go to Sublet Room to learn the eligibility criteria.
  2. Occupant’s identification – Further down the page, fill out the online form.
  3. Occupant’s registration – Download, complete the "Sublet agreement and registration of your occupant" form, and upload it to your file, using the View your Request option in the Housing Portal.
  4. No one found yet – Post an ad on the Student Housing Billboard and go back to the Housing Portal to complete steps 2 and 3 when you have found someone.
  5. Approval – Wait for Housing Service to approve your candidate. You can check the status of your sublet request by logging in to the Housing Portal and clicking on the View your Requests link. Your summer occupant must be registered to have access to the residence.

Looking to sublet a room from a resident

  1. Find a sublet room opportunity on the Student Housing Billboard
  2. Registration – Make sure the "Sublet agreement and registration of your occupant" form is properly completed, signed both by you and the resident. The resident must identify you in the Housing Portal and upload your registration form to the Portal.
  3. Approval – The resident must log in to the Portal to see the status of the request.
  4. Check in - Reception desk, 90 University.  Move in dates
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