• 8 months (September to April)
  • Located downtown Ottawa
  • 380 beds
  • Close to a 24/7 grocery
  • Close to many amenities (pharmacy, cinema, library, bus routes)
  • Minutes away from campus

360° room view

Your room

  • Single bed (bedding not included)
  • 2-drawer dresser under the bed
  • Desk with a hutch
  • Chair
  • Dining table and chairs (for two)
  • What to bring in residence
Two beds side by side.

Room Type

1 and 2-bedroom suites
Single, double and triple occupancy

Studios (with and without kitchenette):
Single, double and triple occupancy

Compare all styles and fees below.

Cleaning products.


Cleaning up your unit is your responsibility.

Floor and building common areas are cleaned once a week.

Learn more.

Fork, plate and spoon.

Meal Plan

Optional Meal Plan

In-unit kitchenette (where applicable)

Common kitchen

Security card and lock.


24/7 Reception

Card access

Guest registry

Security guard at night

Wifi Logo.


Wi-Fi and wired Internet

Cable TV service

Electricity, hot water and heat

Seasonal air-conditioning

Learn more about amenities.

Compost bin.

Green Campus

Sort your compost


Throw away things that does not fit in any category

Learn more.

Washing machine.


In-building laundry room (free)


Coffee bar

Study rooms

Activity room

Sunny courtyard

Suites and Studios (Friel)

8 months

Room type

Room cost per person

Optional Meal Plan

Total cost

Suite with 2 double occupancy bedrooms


View options


Double occupancy suite


View options


Suite with 2 single occupancy bedrooms


View options $9,911

Suite with 1 single occupancy bedroom

$10,668 View options $10,668

Double occupancy studio

$8,611 View options $8,611

Single occupancy studio

$10,381 View options $10,381

Double occupancy studio without kitchenette

$8,181 View options $8,181

Single occupancy studio without kitchenette

$9,553 View options $9,553

Residence Life Team

Meet the Residence Life Team

The Residence Life Team consists of many Community Advisors, Peer Supports and Coordinators. They help you out in many ways to create a community atmosphere in your building.

Living Learning Community (cancelled)

Are you someone who is looking to make a difference in the community, and gain leadership skills by volunteering? This Living Learning Community brings together like minded individuals with a particular interest in promoting positive change through community engagement. You will have many opportunities to volunteer with children at an elementary school, help promote health initiatives at a local Community Health Centre, and advocate for social issues that you personally feel passionate about. Friel Residence offers just that kind of learning experience through service learning, leadership and advocacy.

*In partnership with the Michaëlle Jean Centre for Global and Community Engagement

**Criminal record check is needed to participate in many of these community initiatives

***When completing your housing application please check off one of the following: social justice and politics, youth empowerment and community development, environment and sustainability or health and wellness, to be considered for this LLC

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