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Rez Life Team

The Residence Life Team

The Residence Life Team consists of many Community Advisors, and Coordinators (one leading programming development). They help you out in many ways to create a community atmosphere in your building.

When you feel the need to talk privately with someone, go to your CA.  Equally trained to help you in case of a personal problem, you can rely on any of them.

Engagement opportunities

You are motivated to get involved in your residence? Join peers who share your interests: join a living learning community or a club!

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Blog articles and more


A Residence Mentor shares tips on starting 2019 on a positive note

Here are some tips for a successful start to the term.

Work in residence

Use your knowledge of the campus and student life to help a new generation of students. Get involved with the Rez Life team like Myriam.  Read her story.

Welcome to Residence

“Living on campus is an incomparable advantage: you have all of the campus’s resources within your reach, on top of the fact that you’re just around the corner from your classes and at the front row of every event in the area. Go Gee-Gees Go!” Read more (on the article Welcome to residence)

Get engaged in the community

“Living in residence is not only having a roof over a head, four walls around you, and a bed to sleep in. The most important part of your journey with us is not related to what building you live in, but the life-changing experiences you’ll go through along the way!” Read more (on getting engaged in the community)

Stay in residence after first year

“You got your acceptation letter to University, you’ve registered for your first classes, you know where you are going to stay next year, and you are starting your first year on the right track. That’s great!

But now what?

Now’s the time to start thinking about second year!” Read more (on staying in residence after first year)

New rez upper-year students opens its doors

Located at 45 Mann, the new residence is a unique living space that offers senior students more independence, great views and awesome amenities. Read more (on the 45 Mann residence)

Moving out

Moving out for good? Get prepared with the move out checklist: know all about move out date, extensions, storage, temporary dorms, parking and loading zones.

Leaving for the Holidays or the study break? Here is a to do list.

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