Moving out

Spring move out

End-of-summer move-out 

If you need accommodation after the move out deadline has passed, you can stay in the 90U Residential Complex. To book a room, go to the 90U reception desk. Daily fee applies; first come, first served.

Important dates

Please refer to the Residence Important Dates and Deadline page to know when you have to move out of residence.

Front desk services

Service Hours: 90U and Rideau receptions are open 24/7 . Friel, Henderson receptions can be closed from time to time, but have a key return box.

Key return 

  • Henderson, 45 Mann: in the drop box near the entrance; Rideau: at the reception.
  • 90U, LeBlanc, Marchand, Stanton, Thompson, Hyman Soloway, Friel and Annex: at the 90U reception (as of April 19, in room 152) 

Use an envelope with your name, residence name, unit and room numbers clearly printed on it. New keys and fob/access cards will be required to enter the building after the check-out deadline has passed.

Check-in for summer sublet and takeovers in Hyman Soloway, Annex and 45 Mann: 90U, room 152

Front desk services 

  • Cardboard boxes, $1.50
  • Carts, 2-hr loan (student ID required) 
  • Temporary accommodation passed the move-out deadline, for students who do not have access to their new accommodation: $40/night, payable in advance; first come, first served; current room not guaranteed—room assignment to be confirmed by email. Can be subsidized if you benefit from a public financial aid program (such as OSAP)—proof required.
    Deadline: April 24
  • Summer storage: go to 90U Reception during office hours,($60, first come, first served, padlock not included)
    If you live in an apartment type residence and leave for the summer, you are not allowed to accommodate friends with their storage needs.  

Parking for Spring move out - starting April 19

On weekdays we recommend that you move out at night, after 5:00 p.m.   Use the free temporary parking spots near the residences and avoid fines. To find them, please consult the map (pdf, .5 mb). Daily paid parking available in Desmarais and Mann garages.(Maximum vehicle height: 2 meters)  Consult the official uOttawa Parking Map

Residence  Where to go 
Stanton and 

Enter campus via Cumberland. Turn right towards Lot K.
April 16-27 : free parking in Lot K (10 designated spots/15 minutes). When full, use the paid Desmarais and Mann garages.

Thompson and
Enter campus via Thomas-More. Turn right towards free parking zone located on Copernicus Prv., near Laurier Ave
Hyman Soloway Free but limited temporary parking at the back via Laurier, Cumberland and Wilbrod St.  Parking is prohibited on Laurier. 
Henderson Free temporary parking on both sides of Henderson St, from Somerset to Templeton. 
Friel Free temporary parking on Friel St. (east side). Paid parking available at the Loblaws Super Store, corner of Rideau and Nelson.  
Rideau Free temporary parking on Besserer (coming from Cumberland or Nicholas). Paid parking at the back of the building. 
45 Mann Paid parking in the Mann Garage, next to the residence. 
Annex To be determined

End of Summer Move Out

You must move out by the deadline unless your residence agreement is valid in September. If you move to another room, and need accommodation past the move-out deadline, please email residence@uOttawa,ca. Dorms will be available in traditional residence.  

Important dates

Please refer to the Residence Important Dates and Deadline page to know when you have to move out of residence.

Front desk services

Service Hours: the 90U reception is open 24/7 for check-out services.

  • Check-out:  return your access card and keys in an envelope with your name, unit and room numbers clearly written on it and drop it in the key return box. New access cards will be required to enter the building after the check-out deadline has passed.
  • Check-in: consult the Moving in page. 
  • Carts, 2-hr loan (student ID required)
  • Cardboard boxes, $1.50,  plastic bags (free)

Parking for August move out

On weekdays, for a better access to parking, we recommend that you move out at night, after 5:00 p.m.

Daily paid parking is available in the Brooks, Perez, Desmarais, and Mann garages (maximum vehicle height: 2 meters).

Have a look at the  uOttawa Parking Map for more information.

Things to do before moving out

  • Put the furniture back in place.
  • Take down all posters and decorations; remove all markings. 
  • Return your rental appliances and cancel all subscriptions.
  • Mail forwarding is not automatic. Send our new address to your correspondents.
  • Recuperate stored items (go to your reception)
  • Dump & Run - 49,650 Kg collected since 2008!
    Donate stuff you don’t want any more to the Free Store. Drop your items, frozen and non-perishable food at the Dump & Run station set up in the lobby of your residence. Please wash the dishes you intend to give. 
    The University is not responsible for the items left behind; they will be disposed of and you won't be able to get them back .  
  • Take out the garbage and compost bins, and items for recycling. Return your compost bin.
  • Keep the place clean for the people moving in next (cleaning fees may apply). Cooperate with the housekeeping crew.
  • Lock the doors behind you.  
  • Drop your access card and keys in the box designated for your residence.  
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