Stay in residence after first year

Posted on Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Everything is going according to plan.

You got your acceptation letter to University, you’ve registered for your first classes, you know where you are going to stay next year, and you are starting your first year on the right track. That’s great!

But now what?

Now’s the time to start thinking about second year.

Yes, second year. Already.

We know it’s early, but trust us, time flies when you are busy learning and living and seizing every opportunity presenting itself at your fingertips.

So buy yourself some peace of mind, and let us introduce you to housing options that are right on campus (or not very far) for your second year at the University.

45 Mann Residence

Newly built and located steps away from the Minto Sports Complex, this residence caters to your every need, featuring amenities such as a fitness centre (for when you feel active), a games room (to beat your own personal record), study spaces (for that essay due in less than 24 hours), and social lounges (to get to know your neighbours). Each person has their own private washroom and a double bed, and each unit has a full kitchen (including a dishwasher! No need to soak your hands in water and soap anymore), a TV and washer/dryer.

Friel Residence

Friel is definitely more of a traditional style residence and a 10 minute walk from campus – it’s an environment where you are sure to thrive! This residence offers you an off-campus living experience while letting you keep some of the great advantages of living in rez (professional counsellors, easy maintenance). Sounds great, no?

Two floors in Friel are reserved exclusively to upper year students. You may decide to live on your own or share your room, as Friel offers a plethora of room types. One thing is for sure, you will be sharing your space with other likeminded residents.

Staying at Friel also gives you the possibility to join four out of the six Living Learning Communities (LLCs) taking place in residence. It is a program that offers enhanced opportunities for connection and development beyond the classroom. If you’re interested in Social Justice & Politics, Health & Wellness, Environment & Sustainability, and Community Building & Youth Empowerment, you’ll definitely want to check out Friel Residence.

Brooks and Hyman Soloway Residence

Lastly, if you would prefer to live even closer to campus, in an apartment-style residence, there are a couple of options for you. Two clusters of Brooks Residence are upper year only, which means you get to experience the convenience of a furnished apartment while staying close to your classes. Hyman Soloway and the rest of Brooks also welcome returning students. If you haven't lived there during your first year, you can take someone's room over in May.

And if you need help to do any of this, we can help you! Just come see us.

See, there are many housing options offered to you for second year, and you have plenty to think about!

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